Tour Bus Rental Service

It is a wonderful feeling being able to explore new places. That is why people enjoy traveling so much, nowadays. No matter how far you go from your home city or town, cataloging museums, galleries, tiny villages, parks, and even beaches is fun. You get to meet people, learn something new, and maybe even record and share your experience.

Let’s be honest, even planning a route is interesting. Organizing the trip, on the other hand, can be tough. It is choosing the most cost-effective propositions for transportation and stay that make you think the most. Choosing accommodations depends on how many of you there are and what you want close by. Moreover, a hotel isn’t always necessary, for example, if you are going to visit a location and go back home the next day. There are loads of options.

Worry-Free Traveling with on a Tour Bus

When talking about the transportation side of things, Mayflower tour bus rental service is all you need. We service prom and wedding parties, do airport transfers, organize sightseeing tours and overnight ones. Rent a bus to go on a trip with a group of friends or colleagues and get to your destination safely on a comfy luxury coach. bus tours

What to keep in mind when using a tour bus rental:

  • Bus drivers are allowed to drive only for ten consecutive hours. They are only human and there are federal laws that we strictly adhere to.
  • If you are going to rent a bus for a sporting event or a short vacation, the pay for the bus driver will be higher, to cover living expenses and food.
  • Depending on where you are going, it can be tricky to park the bus, and parking is expensive.

bus rentalWe offer cost-effective services, considering we have only certified professional drivers and all busses are regularly inspected.

Although there are some additional expenses to keep in mind, in general, getting a tour bus rental is more convenient and affordable than other types of transport:

  • More freedom in choosing your destinations. You can reach more remote locations where there are no airports.
  • Unless you need specific equipment that takes up a lot of space, you can take with you a lot more luggage than in a car or plane. No need to plan outfits or downsizing your suitcase, just take everything you think you might need.
  • It is a lot less anxiety-inducing to travel by bus vs the plane. Besides, there are no ques, you just hop on, check if everyone is present and take off.

Benefits of Traveling with Mayflower

We offer luxury coaches for any kind of trip in the New York City, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, and Canada. Contact us when organizing a sightseeing tour, an overnight trip to another city, a transfer to a sports event, going to a prom party and any other occasion where you need a comfy and not overpriced bus. Moreover, safety is always a priority for us, so all busses are insured and are required to pass DOT inspections.

Contact Mayflower as soon as you decide on where you want to go and we will organize a transfer for you.



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