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Terms and Conditions

While deposits are sometimes necessary in advance, depending on the size of the order, full and final payment for charter service is due at least 2 weeks prior to the date of departure. Please be sure to review your price quote and proposal for both deposit and payment information. When providing payment, please indicate the date of your trip and the provided charter order number, to insure proper credit and billings.

There is no cancellation fee providing that the chartering party notifies Mayflower Bus Charters in writing or fax 15 days before the planned trip date. Last minute cancellations will be subject to penalties of up to 100% the trip cost.

Additional Charges
While we?ll work with you to assess the trip and estimate mileage, any additional miles or hours may be subject to additional fees. As you place the order we?ll provide notice of any such additional charges.

Driver Hours
While we?re available 24 hours a day, the Federal Department of Transportation safety regulations prohibit drivers from working more than fifteen hours per day. We comply 100% of the time with regulations that our drivers take 8 consecutive hours off before resuming service.

Damages To Buses
Chartering parties will be held responsible for any damages incurred during their charter and the cost of repair will be fully absorbed by the chartering party for any acts of its members. In such a case, costs would be assessed and due to Mayflower Bus Charters immediately.

Arrival Time
While our drivers are always prompt to their posts, the time of arrival at pickup, destination or return to the point-of-origin can?t be guaranteed. Our drivers are under strict instructions to drive within the legal speed limits, whether they?re on their way to pick up a charter or driving them to or from a destination. While we make every attempt to include for traffic and weather conditions, they stand beyond our control and will from time to time impact our schedules. Late arrival or delays in service is not a permissible reason for cancellation of a charter.

While we keep our buses manned or locked at all times, Mayflower Bus Charters cannot assume any responsibility for the personal property. Our aluminum luggage compartments will be kept locked at all times. Baggage and other carry-on items will be handled by passengers (and passengers alone).

Passenger Rights
Mayflower Bus Charters reserves the right to refuse transportation to any passenger intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, as well as any individual that threatens the welfare of other passengers or the drivers. Our drivers are empowered to refuse service if they feel threatened in any way or fear for the safety of their fare.

Explosives and Fireworks
Keeping with our pledge to protect our passengers and employees, possession of firearms, explosives or fireworks are strictly prohibited on the bus or from being checked within any storage below.

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