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Is Mayflower a charter or a broker?

Mayflower Bus Charters is a charter and not a broker. This means we own our own buses and rent them out to groups in need of a full-service charter. Because each bus will be ?chartered? by the terms of your group?s specific trip, we have no specific route or fare schedule; everything will be customized per your needs.

Is Mayflower Bus Charters insured?

We are required by law to be insured. That said, we are extremely well-insured (to $5MM) and can provide your party with a copy of the insurance certificate if need be. We can also provide a certificate naming your particular group as an insured party. Nothing is more important to us than our safety policies, which we enforce through regular maintenance of our fleet and third-party insurance for our transportation services.

Does Mayflower Bus Charters require a deposit?

We require occasional deposits, depending how far out the booking, and will also require payment-in-full prior to departure. Traditionally deposits range from 20% and up, though we?d recommend you speak with your charter sales agent at the time of reservation for specific numbers and payment arrangements.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer several payment options, from certified check to all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

Is it cheaper to book Mayflower-direct versus a broker?

Because Mayflower Bus Charters owns our own buses, we can charge less than a broker who would likely mark-up the fees. We pass on our costs directly to the customers, providing opportunity for highly competitive price quotes.

Can you provide a list of basic package deals?

If you call us with the tentative information, we can put together a specialized package deal that meets your specific needs.

Does Mayflower Bus Charters offer reduced rates for seniors or non-profits?

We try to meet the budget needs of all our clients, be they from non-profit or special-needs business organizations. As you speak with our representatives and request a price quote, don?t be afraid to let us know your circumstances. We?ll do our best to provide the service you request according to the terms you require.

Does Mayflower provide the driver?

Due to Federal regulations, we have to provide our own drivers and they need to be within full compliance. But we also happen to be very proud of our staff and stand behind our drivers to be both highly professional and courteous.

Is Mayflower Bus Charters in compliance with governmental regulations?

Under the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, all carriers are required to ensure their drivers meet full standards of quality compliance. Our drivers all hold a current commercial driver?s license with passenger endorsement. Additionally, we?ve checked their driving record and enforce regular health and drug tests.

How old are your buses?

All our buses are new or late model coaches. We employ a full inspection and mechanics team to check and clean our buses prior to each charter. Additionally, our drivers keep detailed logs of their trips for compliance and service considerations. We can provide the drivers log and bus logs upon request, prior to heading out on your charter.

Can we inspect our bus before departure?

Subject to availability. It?s often difficult to schedule a viewing ahead of your departure, since we can?t necessarily predict which particular bus you?ll be riding. That said, we can assure you of the utmost attention to detail in maintenance and safety control. We can provide the drivers log and bus logs upon request, prior to heading out on your charter.

Is Smoking allowed on the bus?

Keeping with governmental regulations, smoking is not permitted on the buses. That said, we can make special stops along the way if desired and your schedule permits.

Who would I contact on the day of the trip, should last-minute issues arise?

At the time of booking, Mayflower Bus Charters will provide you with a direct and local phone number you can call for assistance 24-hours a day, and if available, your driver?s cell phone number. This should provide ample contact and access with all parties involved leading up to, during and following your charter trip.

Is a driver?s gratuity included in the price quote?

It is customary to provide your driver with a gratuity for excellent service and attention to your group?s experience. These gratuities do typically come above and beyond the billed rate. For additional information, including guidance to the value of that gratuity, we?d recommend you consult your charter sales agent.
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