Bus Tours to Cape Cod, MA

Bus Tours to Cape Cod, MA

Summer always comes sooner than expected and ends before we can fully enjoy it. Getting the most out of your summer vacation is important for a steady work life. If you don’t like flying, any remote or far away location is definitely out of the question, but if you live in the North-East states order a bus tour with Mayflower and check out Cape Cod. We can design a tour specifically for you and bring you to a beautiful place in a comfy bus.

Summertime Vacation Spot

Cape Cod is a peninsula in the Massachusetts state, not far from Boston. It’s a collection of smaller towns stretched along the Cape Cod Bay on the North and Atlantic Ocean on the South. The area gets chilly in winter, but summer months bring warm waters and fresh ocean breezes. It’s one of the best places to break your city routine.

The summer is definitely the high season in Cape Cod, the temperature rises up to high 70s in July and the water is warm enough to swim in. The area is busy and the prices spring even higher around big national holidays like the Independence day, so you might want to avoid it if you are not a fan of big crowds. Other than that, Cape Cod is a great escape from the city life, because as they say, the best vacation is when you completely change the environment for some time, enjoy a different pace.

Things to Do in Cape Cod

There are two types of people, those who like to lay on the beach all day and those who come here in the mornings or evenings and spend the rest of the day exploring. Cape Cod won’t bore you with sand. For example, there is a 22-mile Rail Trail for horseback riders, rollerbladers, and bikers. It took place of the Old Colony Railroad corridor and offers a gorgeous view and lunch spots, so you can spend the whole day riding.

Located on an island on the West side of the peninsula is the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, that houses hundreds species of animals and offers homes to migratory seabirds. You need a ferry to get to the island, but when you are there, you can take a guided tour or just stroll along the beach and relish in the calming attitude of the place.

The Sandwich Glass Museum and Heritage Museum and Gardens appeal to an audience of all interests and ages. Revel in a piece of US history that is an old glass factory, antique car collection and 100 acres of lilacs, magnolias, and rhododendrons. And if you still have some time in your day, visit the Cape Playhouse, one of the country’s oldest summer theaters.