All the biggest boasts about customer service and low prices don't mean a thing if your provider's fleet isn't reliable and operated safely by qualified professional drivers. We own the buses we drive, so we can vouch for their quality. Mayflower Bus Charters buses are kept to the highest standards, and recognized and approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) as well as the Interstate Authority (ICC).

  • New and Late Model Buses
  • DOT Licensed and Insured Buses
  • Friendly and Professional Service
  • 24-Hour Service Available!
  • All Buses Insured To $5M
  • All Drivers Are Properly Endorsed
  • Highest U.S. Safety Rated Buses
  • Insurance Certificates Available

Our Drivers
Our uniformed drivers are qualified professionals that meet all Federal standards. Every Mayflower Bus Charters driver will have been subject to a full exam and background check. They?re also required to pass physical exams and drug screenings on a regular basis. We have exceptional retention rates for our full-time drivers and because we maintain long-term relationships with our employees, we can vouch not just for the buses but the drivers as well.

Our Vehicles
Mayflower Bus Charters has a maintenance center at our Brooklyn, NY and Boston, MA depots where all buses are checked after every trip. In addition to the quality assurance and maintenance provided by our team of highly qualified mechanics, our buses are also required to pass quarterly DOT inspection.