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Individual bus tour of Europe. And then, and another - in one! Part1

No, no typos in the title: an individual Bus Charters of Europe. Having decided to visit Europe, every traveler is faced with a choice: to rent a car and the journey itself, or buy a bus sightseeing tour. Independent travel gives a feeling of complete freedom and independence, but fraught with unnecessary loss of time and effort: the search for signs and parking lots, hotels and attractions in a strange city, as well as painstaking study guides and directories - all on an amateur? At the bus tour group dignity of others - thought the route, the optimal value and the opportunity to focus on rest and impressions, rather than on the speedometer and the map. But it turns out, the advantages of these types of tourism can be combined into a combined excursion tour.
Just the idea of bus travel scares many tourists: a long ways away, modest hotels on the outskirts of cities, and most importantly, and something the country did not really see - in a word, "Crossing Europe". Is 15 years of development in tourism they could not find an alternative?
Bus tours 10-15 years ago were practically the only affordable way to see Europe - at least one eye, at least from the bus window. But since then much water has flowed, and the standards of tours have changed. Somewhere on the periphery of the tourism remained tours with departure directly from the points of departure. People have already understood that the card in 2-3 night moving too fast, because after thousands of miles only on the territory of Ukraine, any trip seem joyless. So now the increasing development of combination tours, in which the tourist chooses a way of movement, such as airplane and bus or train and bus. The bus is irreplaceable at short distances between European cities and especially - in the provinces. There simply can not get otherwise!
But transportation - not the main difference between the combined tour. The main thing - choice. Modern group tours - a sort of designer, from which he was a tourist on his journey. For example, you can get to Nice by plane, spend a few days alone, and then join the group, which goes on tour "Journey to the southern provinces of France." Or, to fly to Luxembourg by plane, take the bus to the Champagne region and visit the medieval Metz and Reims Cathedral - the coronation place of French kings. And then, after spending a few days in Paris, you can go to an interesting three-day tour of Normandy and Brittany. Even within one standard tour can be combined infinitely! For example, a day in Florence, the tour consists of two parts: a city tour and free time in the afternoon, which, however, suggested as an alternative visit to the Uffizi gallery or a trip to Siena. And so in every paragraph. Either route is a "core" city, where tourists spend between two to five days, the rest of the excursion rate, to live his "unattached" to a group life, choosing from our proposals, only the most interesting for yourself.
By what criteria should choose sightseeing tour? First - Geography. How much you want to see? Would you like to see as many capital cities, or, conversely, to get acquainted with the provinces, have not yet trodden compatriots? The first route - sightseeing tour of capitals - has the right to life, he can "look" in Europe and choose a place where would like to return in the future. But in practice, I can say that the popularity of such trips falls markedly: apparently, during the "first encounter with Europe, our tourists have already passed. In the fashion is to go to the provinces, which allow you to see this country, feel its spirit and rhythm of her life (well known fact that the country and its capital - things are different). Previously, only advanced and very wealthy travelers could not afford to look, for example, in such beautiful Italian cities like Bergamo, Verona, Chianti, San Gimignano, Siena and many others. Now it is possible, almost every tourist with an average budget. Moreover, in such "local" trips much less time is spent on travel, and the tourists released extra time.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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