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NeoLaz - great Ukrainian bus

NeoLaz - great Ukrainian bus

"NeoLAZ" - essentially a new modern tourist bus polutoraetazhny Superior. "Time machine" called journalists this unique development of Lviv avtobusostroiteley.

The original form of the body and tinted window panes, the bus was harmonious and memorable image.

The driver meets modern requirements. Comfortable seat with adjustable height and tilt steering wheel, an electronic accelerator, a large panoramic windshield and rear-view mirrors provide the driver a comfortable job and allow full control situation on the road. In emergency situations, will help the anti-lock and traction control - ABS and ASR.

The high smoothness and stability of motion at high speeds provide air suspension and braking system from WABCO in combination with a rigid monocoque body and reliable steering.

Application of modern technologies of corrosion protection, technology, bonding the side panels and windows to provide increased corrosion resistance of the body and long lifetime bus charter.

Beauty in the bus "NeoLAZ" designed to carry 49 passengers. The level of comfort allows tirelessly to overcome great distances. Anatomical seats with adjustable backrest angle are folding armrests, tables and footrests. The possibility of the transverse displacement in the aisle seat passenger compartment. In salon equipment consists of installing air-conditioning unit, audio-video system with LCD monitors, refrigerator, coffee maker, bathroom, individual air-blowing system.

Travel "NeoLAZ was recognized among professionals and holds degrees from various international competitions and nominations. The bus was awarded "Best tourist bus" in competition "Car of the Year in Ukraine", awards for "Best intercity bus" and "Best Car Design" at the motor show in Moscow.

Travelling with "NeoLAZ" You will be provided with maximum comfort, and the possibility of a complete set will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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