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Sports in the U.S. and travel in the summer

Sports in the U.S. and travel in the summer

Participation in the program Work & Travel USA not only increases the wad of money in the purse feeble student, but simply allows a good few months of summer vacation. Students have the opportunity to stay in the U.S. and traveling around the country. All of America is in front of you and it's worth it to see it!

On weekends, always somewhere to get out of the house, even go to the park or the beach. Look in the local Tourist Information Center or Ask your colleagues about interesting places. Entertainment in the U.S. developed in the hundreds if not thousands of times better than in Ukraine, so the only choice for you. From amusement parks, nightclubs, bars and restaurants to hiking, fishing in the mountain river or ocean tours across America and cruises to the Islands - The Bahamas, The Virgin Islands, Hawaii ...

Typically, a student worker in the U.S. under the program Work & Travel, a weekly 2 days a week. In these blessed days could be 3-4 by friends to rent a car (medium capacity, Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer, etc) in any of the auto renting company. It would cost you about $ 100 .. $ 120 for two days, along with insurance and gasoline. That is, only for $ 30 .. $ 40 per person for 2 days of full mobility! Let us add to this amount is $ 20-30 (for food, etc.) and it turns out that for $ 50 .. $ 70 (which is your salary for one day of work! "), You get two days full rest, replaced by familiar surroundings, new experiences and a lot of stories, which can then be a long time to tell your friends too lazy to get out of town at the weekend. So, you can move in any direction.

a) in the next state, in some nebezizvestny city to see the sights, taste the local cuisine in some inexpensive restaurant ...
b) go to another town to the festival or concert you love an artist, or musician / singer or group / DJ-I ...
d) to visit a wild ocean beach, where there are always some big waves and where you can practice surfing and sunbathing at your pleasure ...
d) go to the mountains and wander through the already beaten path (walking trails), or feel the adrenaline rush, rafting on mountain stream on Kayak or raft (rafting) ...
e) yes, just go to the village, where you can ride a horse.

It is worth mentioning that the rental cars are allowed in most cases, only 25 years old. But some companies (for example - Budget) can rent cars to persons under 21 years. In this case you must ask a driver's license (it is better that it be of international standard with English translation), and plastic card VISA or MasterCard. On your account should be available the amount required to cover the rent. Plus, since you can ask for an extra charge (about $ 5 a day), if you have more than one driver (extra driver fee). And those who are younger than 25 years will have to pay so-called "Under 25 age fee", which is about $ 20 a day. Also remember that some roads are installed items pay toll, "toll fee", which can vary from 50 cents to $ 5 (depending on area roads and proximity to urban areas).

In any case, the cost will seem minuscule compared with those feelings that you get from such a trip with your old and new friends. Just do not forget that before any trip is best to learn as much as possible about the destination and the path that you will take. Get a road atlas of the United States, learn common abbreviations and acronyms used in it. Find out in different companies at prices different cars. And enjoy your stay!

It is not necessary to rent a car. You can use the services and chartering bus companies. For example, Greyhound. If you plan to travel 1-2 weeks, then you will be more profitable to buy a ticket for that period. That is, you will be able to get on any bus in any direction, without tying itself to the schedule and one's plans. However, it is worth considering that the bus charters trip can be quite an ordeal, especially after the 15-20 hour drive with stops every 3-4 hours.

If you are a lover of comfort, you can buy a train ticket. It will cost a bit more expensive than bus, but this journey will bring you much less discomfort. In Colorado, for instance, still operates so-called "Steam train service" - the engine, carrying its passengers through the most beautiful places of Colorado.

There are also organized tours (eg, Green Tortouise Tour), which offer travelers to enjoy a trip across America in small buses. Moreover, the route of travel and speed of movement chosen by tourists. All together, prepare food, set up tents on the night, or placed in low-cost hostels.

If you have spent all summer on the east coast, you will certainly be interesting to see what happens on the other end of America. Alternatively, one could fly a plane in Las Vegas, Nevada (by the way, there are very cheap food and hotels, because the casino advantage to attract more visitors), lose a little of your honestly earned money (or even win), to take rent a car and go to:
1. Grand Canyon, to marvel at the wonders of the creations of nature, to communicate with these Indians, to walk among the rocks, whose age is millions of years, but just a tan under the hot sun of the desert.
2. Death Valley, or Valley of Death ", where almost nothing is alive, - to look at the unearthly landscapes of dunes and hills.
3. Lake Tahoe, a pearl among the great mountains, one of the largest lakes on Earth - to stroll among the wildlife, hear the echo of the mountains, boating, feeding the wild deer apples.
4. San Francisco, to visit some of the countless attractions of this great city, - Museum of Modern Art, Alcatrac, Fishermans Warf, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Japanese gardens ...
5. Los Angeles, to feel the spirit of "City of Angels", a stroll along the Walk of Stars, defining itself against the backdrop of the world famous "HOLLYWOOD", face, nose to nose with super-duper-mega-star somewhere in the vicinity of Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive.
6. San Diego, to meet with people from Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, and any other Latin American countries to try to practice surfing, or accede to the songs on guitar on the night beach, or walk around the old part of town - Gaslamp Quarter ...

In the end, even if you have not gathered for the opening of its America, be sure to linger for a few days in New York and you will not regret it. You can stay in a low-cost hostel. List attractions simply not fit on our page, it can continue indefinitely.

So, do not forget to take a brochure InterExchange and our Guide USA "Discover America!" - And good luck! Have a good rest, plenty of meetings with good people and unforgettable impressions!

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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