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Travel to Prague by chartering bus

Travel to Prague by chartering bus

By itself had the opportunity to visit the post-Schengen Prague. Not expensive. Bus. Especially I have not sought. Holding a still warm after the printer sheet of paper with a proposal to visit the Czech Republic on Valentine's Day a lyrical and rather hackneyed title "Give beloved Prague. And do not leave the thought that nothing good this tour is not promising. The style of the text is not lame, but simply lies, commas are where your heart desires, the mass of extra spaces, three-, five exclamation marks at the end of almost every line.

Realizing that without the nerves can not do here, talk about the sentence at home. The reaction of restrained, but very friendly. Plus, the second party to the forthcoming tour in Europe was not. And my 40-year-old, given valuable advice to shake the old days (in the early 90's "managed" to visit the chartering bus tour of ... Romania's gasoline lasers. Who does not remember the phrase "Kyt bones?", "Mushka tsyntsar" or "front sight bye-bye »J).

Then, immediately after demob from the army disintegrate SS, even such a trip did not seem a dangerous gamble.

Today, after the soft chairs EuroCiti, rumbling turbines Boeing and Airbus, this venture I issued murky.

Thus, the decision is made, paid an advance and submitted to the docks Schengen. Pretty soon all perepodtverzhdaetsya, we bought at the local supermarket uncomplicated provisions, ready to go.

A couple of days before departure it appears that the Czech capital are going to visit our good friends from foggy Albion - play Tottenham and Slavia. Oblivion them much as a half hour, and the company some "low bone" lucky outward / return something for 70 GBP.

We decided to find out the name of the hotel. Papers with them directly from the street calling a future team leader. - Populus, U Staré Cihelny 11 - meets a pleasant voice on the other end of the cordless phone. All this and give the British kamaradamJ

"Comfortable bus (coffee maker, audio / video) serves on the South Terminal of the Kiev railway station." I quote from memory. Come, see: the bus is not the one that was designated in advance, - Neoplan double-deck. Manager and, accordingly, all other phones already. Something like specifying whether it is our crew, checking in, and soon pulled out. By the way, the road number of the bus to AB blah blah blah miraculous manner changed the CQ blah blah blaJ

Two words about the population. By type - all peripherals. One piece - movable lady for 45 with strong language, weird hair. In the hands of slaboalkogolka, in the teeth woodbine. Second half - cheeky kids-nihilists. More precisely, members of the Society dofenistov / nihilists »J

Puffing and shaking on the journey, preparing to take Euro 2012, after a dozen (at least) a smoke crawling on the border (Krakovets). Sure it is already dark. Previously reported is for passengers, that the passage of border procedures will take 3-5 hours. It has long been cutting off these rates, choking on the ceiling of our colossus, with difficulty, in pairs, as prisoners of the Chateau d'If, visiting the WC (the lower tier is already quite a signature and someone to create that much) at the level of speculation we learn - in some of the Comrades visa opened in Donetsk with ... 13/02/2008. And before this, the 13th is 4 hours) Here are pictures of our town ...

Overcoming the same line about two nights the 13th drive to burn the Commonwealth. Coming through the whole of its territory in the same sauna-Neoplane, however, on a good road rushing to the Czech border. On the road would outskirts Rzheshuva, Katowice, Krakow ... On the second floor while still not слабенько rocked when cornering.

Toilets on the way you paid, then fried. If paid, and no local money - do not be sad. Go to the nearest gas station. There are toilets in the cafe fries. Before the Czech Republic there is a stop, and the toilet only for "zvotye. Either all the "do" in advance or have 1,5-3,0 PLN bought / borrowed house. Plastic tubziki at this stage do not accept.

Over coffee / tea (with a comfortable kofevarkiJ) constantly battle of Kulikov smokers. Educated man with dignity, there is nothing to do. The best buy-side or in his grandfather - a thermos.

Ur. More precisely, the glory of Jesus Christ. Prague. Hotel - eight stops Wenceslas Square (the center;)). Clear three stars, breakfast - buffet. You can break. Nobody bothers any bureaucracy. Wider smile and greet with the staff as often as possible.

Before the tram № 9 peshochkom run about 15-20 minutes. Directions - floating price and duration of the coupon (ezdelki). But one card is valid in any kind of transport (tram, bus and subway) under the condition that it needed the zone and not exhausted by the time limit. Those who are going to be in Prague for more than 3 days, it makes sense to buy travel. This is easily done at any metro station. For the first trip nice to have a minimum of 20 euros (1 euro) per person a coin to buy ezdelku and get to the center of the exchanger. And then I borrowed from British comrades - they arrived in Prague, 12 th and at the time of our arrival had all raznyuhaliJ In the best sense of the word.

It is clear that the card in your hand (it's nice to have) and photo / video clearly for the tourists. Prague - very nice, warm, modern, but all the same metropolis. Anyone who thinks that he was going peacefully listen to the murmur of Vltava, "slightly" wrong. At the transitions to sleep especially not worth it, as well as running a red. Several times saw Tuareg V10 TDI coming out of turns with drifts. The movement is very energetic.

On the way, I saw smoke, but within the public transport is prohibited, as is relevant reads the inscription. Staring at the passers-by, too, especially not worth it. Like to drink beer on the go. Learn, if desired, a few phrases in Czech. And he and you priyatnoJ example, "boguzhel not mluvim cally" (alas, do not speak Czech). "Please", "(motskrat) Days", "nashledanou" - and so clear.

Who for 30, beautifully spoken and in Russian. Younger, I heard, pretty well, even among themselves "tsvirinkayut" in English.

Do not change money at moneychangers. Do not catch flies, and everything will be gut. Pro tips, see the check - Service is not included. Then 10%. Worldwide practice;)

Which tours to take / not take, go / no go "U Fleku" (the famous restaurant-car on squeezing money from tourists / crowds of onlookers and music) - it is theirs. We had a cultural program.

The road back to the same "amenities" brings virtually no communication with all of the beauty culture, people, etc. So, if you leave, try to have a day in advance upon arrival at home "otkisanie" in the salt bath and otsypanie.

Pleasant journey. Better air. As Ukrainians say, cheap fish - rotten soup.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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