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Liner in the wheel invites a journey

Liner in the wheel invites a journey

Today, perhaps no one should be reassured that the trip to a modern and comfortable bus safely, conveniently and inexpensively. However, buses euroclass rarely romp on our roads, so long as appreciate the convenience of such a journey may be mainly those who are sent abroad.

The passenger journey begins simply enough: having at hand a visa in the destination country, it reserves or buys a ticket. You can choose from three types of tickets: one-way, round-trip ticket (which, incidentally, will essentially save money), a ticket with an open date of return (valid for six months). Employees-carrier briefly advise passengers of border and customs control, he packs a bag and - forward, on the chartering bus!

But are all so simple? His experiences and observations are divided into heads and leading specialists of Kiev companies, not the first year dealing with bus charters carrying passengers.

How to start line

As in geometry, the line starts from point A and ends at point B. In the case when it comes to bus transportation, two points should be attractive to passengers. Therefore, specialists shipping companies are carefully evaluating ridership, analyze the pros and cons of different routes.

The approval of a regular bus line, you must have a foreign partner - for example, when it comes to the direction of Moscow, you will need to rent a bus, minibus Moscow. It is also necessary permit from the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine and relevant departments of the country of destination, as well as resolution of all the countries through which pass route. Typically, the general term of opening a new route is approximately one year. The average permit is issued for three years, and then it should be renewed.

Passenger train

It's no secret that bus passengers do not apply to most non-poor. These routes are choosing tourists, students, people working abroad on contract, those who are going to visit relatives. "This is the fifth year we carry passengers on the route Kiev - Barcelona, which opened the first of a Ukrainian international carriers - says Victor Chistyuhin (Interavtoturist"). - At the present time "Interavtoturist" - the only ground transportation company, accredited to the Embassy of Spain, with tickets which give the visa. At our disposal three new bus - Scania and two Volvo. And after studying the demand and passenger buses were manufactured by Volvo to our special order at a factory in Spain. Machines really world class, equipped with air conditioning, telephones, audio and video and even mini-bar, have a roomy luggage compartment. Coffee and tea is offered to passengers free of charge. The route runs through Poland, Germany and France. But the path is not too tiring: every 3-4 hours at bus stops equipped parking - you can go to smoke, exercise, eat. In Barcelona we have a representation of where our passengers will find the right flight of local bus lines directly to their destination in Spain and even Portugal.

And here in England on the bus traveling mostly students. "Our company opened the first regular bus service to England, - says Alexey Tihonovsky (Acton Travel). - And now we have three routes: Lviv - London, Kiev - London and Kiev - Lvov - London. In a way, we offer passengers a free hot breakfast: it makes a stop in Poland in a small cafe where people can eat. Within 40 hours we deliver passengers from the bus station in Kiev Victoria in London. Incidentally, it is very convenient: there can continue your journey by local bus or train. A small group of passengers, we carries on England's minibus. We have own hotel in London. Bus route allows you to see more countries: we were passing through Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. If your flight happens to glitch, we are at his own expense provide passengers hot meals and hotel accommodation for the duration of repair or replacement of the bus.

Perhaps the busiest passenger flows into Germany. "At present, bus passenger transport in Germany are engaged in many firms - says Valentin like Varichi (" Express-A "). - To win the customer can only improve the quality of service. Since 1996 we have built a variety of routes, are in demand from passengers, for example Sumy - Kiev - Dusseldorf, Lviv - Vytenis, Kiev - Hamburg. Our fleet consists of ten cars. This well-known brands as Neoplan, Setra, Man. Their average age - six years. What is important - all the buses are servicing in Germany. Some cars we rent travel companies for bus tours. Currently planning to learn Spanish direction, develop flight Kherson - Kiev - Barcelona - Alicante. Of course, this was possible only after we found a very respectable Spanish partner. This firm-carrier, which has more than two thousand buses. So soon we will offer our customers a new line. "

"We are engaged in bus passenger service for five years, - says Irina carpenter (Euroclub"). - A lot depends on the correct route developed. For example, we have chosen two areas: the north of Germany (route Kiev - Rostock) and south (Kiev - Stuttgart). This makes it possible to satisfy the demand of passengers. Recently opened a line Kiev - Vienna. By the pleasant features of this route is the fact that passengers do not need to open an additional transit visa, as we have chosen the route of Ukraine - Hungary - Austria. Currently it is the only bus line in Austria. 24 hours - and you're in a fairy Vienna! Since April, we plan to carry out flight Kiev - London - Reading and want to connect the cities of Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava. You need to go to meet the needs of customers, because people do not always convenient to come to Kiev, many would like to start their journey from their hometown.

Travel with pleasure

Of course, the pleasure of travel depends, primarily, from the comfort of the bus. Currently, all shipping companies have enough good cars. This is due, and demanding of time, and increasing competition, and stringent conditions of the foreign service. Typically, special screening Ukrainian buses are in Germany.

But the bus - that's not all. Valentin like Varichi believes that "80% of success depends on the driver's journey ended. And it's not just about professionalism - these are different almost everyone who wears a flight on international routes. On how poised, polite and friendly driver will depend, will come if our client again to us. Experience has shown that passengers are accustomed to certain carriers, recommend them to your friends and try to adhere to those companies, travel flights which they liked. "

And Victor Chistyuhin (Interavtoturist ") notes that" sometimes one or the other driver so sinks into the soul of passengers, planning the next trip, calling on the company and asked when the going is this man. So there is a long relationship between the client and the company, based on trust and respect. "

"Of course, the driver - is the most important person during the journey, - says Irina carpenter. - In addition to the high level of professionalism they need to be ready for the most unexpected questions and requests from passengers. Much also depends on the experience and the sensitivities of controllers. Our flights often go to Germany and Austria, young people on the program Au Pair. Their parents are calling us, asking whether the bus crossed the border, is it normal flight. Or a problem with older people: sometimes, grandmothers, departing to visit grandchildren in Germany, confused not only flights, but even the names of cities! Our employees understand: international moving - this is sometimes a rather unusual journey, and therefore need to be patient and responsive. Is also important financial factor: for example, for regular customers we have a system of cumulative discounts.

"Our company has chosen its tactics in the implementation of regular bus transport of passengers, - tells Tatyana Pylypchuk (" Action Tour "). - For seven years we have worked closely with the Polish partners Orbis, Karolina, Intercars, Eurolines. Currently we only offer the approved route Kiev - Warsaw and Kiev - Krakow. And from Warsaw our partners can take you to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries. What was the convenience for passengers? Judge for yourself - in other firms, for example, direct flight Kiev - Paris runs twice a week. We (via Warsaw) - three times a week. A bus from Warsaw on various international flights depart daily. For those who prefer to get to Warsaw by train, we can offer to buy a bus ticket to the destination is already out of Warsaw. "

When a passenger need advice

"All this is interesting - the reader will say. - But what if I need to get from the notorious point A to point B is not only cheaper, but in exactly the stipulated period of time? And then one bus company flies only on Tuesdays and Fridays, in the other - on Mondays and Wednesdays ... Who will help me plan my route? "

It turns out to help this traveler is quite possible. Natalia Laschuhina ("BN BN Inform"): "The main objectives of our company is providing information and advice services for passengers and flight bookings. Booking tickets - free service. Moreover, a week before departure passenger may cancel your reservation, it will not materially affected. We work with virtually all organizations, carriers, who have permission from the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine on a regular bus carrying passengers in one country or another. Currently, there are regular bus lines in Austria, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Estonia. They are implemented at different times and different carriers. Our task - to pick up flights so as to maximize customer satisfaction. For example, a passenger is planning to leave for Paris on Tuesday and travel to Kiev on Friday.

This route is implementing a company-carrier, ie, the passenger can buy a round trip ticket on the bus this company. But if he wants to return, say, on Thursday, we had to pick him another company, a flight which he will travel from Paris. Or, for example, the case. My father is in Italy and wants to stay with him came his son from Ukraine. With our help, he reserves for his son a ticket, we send a teenager in Italy, to inform his father all the data on flight: bus number, departure date, place and time of arrival, the mobile phone driver. That is, do our best to help the client. Come to us and people who want the bus to get to Denmark or Sweden. Regular bus trips to these countries, but we are trying to develop them to a suitable route. For example, to get to a certain point in Germany, and from there by local bus lines, or by ferry to their destination.

Very often, we advise people on customs regulations, visa requirements. Well, did you know that, going by road in England, you must have a transit Schengen visa? We tell clients about options for payment for the ticket, discounts for children, students, seniors. Many firms engage in this kind of services such as credit terms: part of the fare paying passenger on the spot, and the remaining relatives had already made on his arrival. This is great for teenagers and older people.

Spring is coming. At this time, the interest in bus travel generally increases. Well, liners on wheels waiting for passengers. And the experienced experts will always help advice. Good luck!

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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