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Traveling by bus through Europe

Traveling by chartering bus through Europe

Traveling by bus charters across Europe has many advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage - it is, of course, its relative cheapness, as well as the opportunity for one trip to see just two, three, or four countries. The disadvantages of such a journey is that it is tiring.

Therefore, I would not recommend for older people to resort to such a tour chartering bus. This species is more suitable for students and young, inquisitive, but not very wealthy citizens. Please note that you will have to endure all the hardships of nomadic life: food from the bags (in Europe a normal dinner costs about $ 15-20, with the exception of Poland), long travel, walking tours. So, if you remained firm in his intention to tour in Europe is by bus, then let me give you some advice.

When you first set off to Europe and want to get the most experience, I advise you should definitely visit Austria and southern Germany (Bavaria). This does not mean that other countries are not worth attention. Simply, these countries seem to me particularly colorful. It would be nice to include in the plan yet, and Switzerland, but alas it is not everyone. In Austria, be sure to visit Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck, which is located in a very picturesque place in the Alps.

In Germany, certainly worth a look in Munich (Marienplatz to walk and climb to the main town hall) and visit the amazing beauty of Bavarian castles - Noeshvanshtayn and Hoeshvangau. In Salzburg inapplicable visit a house where Mozart was born. Generally, in this city is permeated with the spirit of Mozart. You will be, where they played with his father, lived and wrote. In Vienna, just a stroll down the main streets, and ride the tram on the Vienna ring, and still do not forget to look at the city park to pay tribute to Strauss and other composers, of whom there sculpture installed. After a walk you'll want to drink. Treat yourself with excellent beer, which is sold in any restaurant. And do not forget to buy souvenirs.

But before flying to the travel agency, to study the proposals. If you still decide to go, I advise you to choose to do WITHOUT night journeys (usually train + bus). Anyway, even this condition does not guarantee their absence, because you have to go more than one border, and, accordingly, can have unforeseen things.

But even if you arrive at the hotel at 1 am, you will agree there is a difference to spend the night in bed or sitting in a chair bus. And refer only to the company in good standing (on the advice of friends, for example). And in a way not forget to take the tea bags, coffee, and bystroprigotavlivaemuyu food, not to stay hungry. By the way have player or a good friend that the road was fun. I hope that my tips will help you. Good luck!

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