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The trip by bus with your child - are preparing in advance!

The trip by chartering bus with your child - are preparing in advance!

Summer, time travel and leisure, sometimes presents us with many surprises. Suppose, for the place of rest will not get either their own vehicle or aircraft, or train - will have to go by bus. This type of travel, by definition, complicated and inconvenient for all others, but you can cope with him. Let's try to prepare for this trip with the baby, and maximum ease it.
ride the bus with the children!

First, what to prepare - is the lack of free space to move. The train a child can still warm up a bit, your car, you can always stop and make camp in the bus we will have to sit in their seats and not leave the chair before stopping.

In order to minimize the effects of staying alone for the child and yourself, take care of more comfortable clothing and shoes. Skin must breathe, nothing should push and rub, shoes should be light, comfortable, breathable. Prepare so that you can remove the child's shoes as soon as you settle down in the bus - let it be in socks or golfikah, determine the place of shoes in a bag, or putting them in kulechek, put in place for carry-on baggage (just shove them under the seat is unlikely to be comfortable).

Entertainment on the bus are limited to quiet games. Singing or playing active games, sitting in a chair less than a foot from strangers passengers traveling companions you are unlikely to succeed. Bring a few toys that are suitable for a child of that age. Do not take anything musical, whistling, murmuring - it will interfere with neighbors. The books are also unlikely to be useful for the bus trip - you or the child may seasick from reading while driving.

If the child is rocked when purchasing tickets ask to give you a place as close as possible to the front door. Sit down so that you blew a fresh breeze from the window or vent pipe (not a draft, but the fresh air obyazaetelno need it!). Before the visit ask the pediatrician to find you the best possible tool to combat seasickness. And you can have in a watertight package a piece of ginger - it allows a fragrance to combat nausea.

In case your child still be bad when driving the chartering bus - keep a supply of dry and wet wipes, empty bags for vomit.

Always keep a supply of water. Juices, soda, sweet drinks are optional, but the clear, cool water should be mandatory in every trip!

Food should not be too hard: fruit, biscuits, dried fruit or nuts, anything from what the situation may worsen with motion sickness or disorder happen. But in any case do not bring unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, untested in the home - the road is very difficult to deal with hygiene problems, and had happened to upset your baby, ride on holiday can become a nightmare.

Long way to while away the good in her sleep. If you get usopokoit child, put him to sleep - it's just fine. Remove the armrest between your seat, put the child, massage his hands and feet, stroke and tell us something. Massage also helps the body recover from the broken by long confinement kroveobraschenie.

A list of necessities for the tour:

* Comfortable clothing and shoes.
* Water.
* Light meal.
* Toys not make loud sounds and noise.
* Funds from motion sickness, as recommended by children's doctor.
* Empty bags, dry and wet wipes, water for washing.
* For long trips you may come in handy a small pillow and light blanket.

Thus, even a long trip on the bus can make it easier for baby and turn it into an interesting adventure. If all the unexpected ways you'll be ready in advance, you will be able to pay attention to positive aspects of such a journey - the landscape outside the window, interesting places, stories of a child all that he sees and experiences the first time. Happy journey!

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