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Bus tours. Ost-West


Bus tours. Ost-West

Having decided to travel to distant lands, we do not always find suitable companions among his entourage. Since one does not match a holiday, with other interests, but with the third party financial issue. And ready to go it alone is not everything, it is far more pleasant to share the joy of travel and new experiences with another person, and go to a company often simply safer, especially if you plan an independent tour or a trip to obscure our compatriots of the country.
And then come to the aid of numerous, more recently, websites or their sections to find fellow travelers through the Internet. This service is offered and the sites of some well-known travel agencies and independent travel sites and forums.

So, why should we have to be prepared, having decided to travel with a perfect stranger? As discussed previously, to obtain from a trip to emotions, and not to waste your nerves and time to solve all sorts of misunderstandings?
Decisive role played by the intended travel. A trip to one of the resorts in Turkey or Egypt, a bus tour of Europe and self-conquest of the Amazon jungle differ in nature and degree of closeness of the alleged participants travel.

In the first option (the trip to the resort), the tourists if they wish can be freely separated from each other, live in separate hotel rooms or even in different hotels, and meet to share nenapryazhnogo pastime, travel excursions, trips to restaurants, etc. Agreeing on such a trip with a stranger is to ask his interests, expectations from the trip and find out the preferred way of spending time at the resort (beach holiday or travel frequently on trips, raids in the territory of the hotel).

bus charter tours to Europe or any other organized tours, suggest a greater degree of closeness with his companion, most of the time the tourists will spend together on adjacent field bus, tours, hotels. It is important, arranging, for example, the ability to stay in a hotel room, because a significant effect on the price, but decided to stay in one room and buying the appropriate ticket, change it during the trip will be problematic. And also to discuss the interests and expectations of the trip, the desire to attend tours, find out whether there hath been a fellow traveler in those countries or in such tours, foreign language proficiency. On this depends whether you go along on trips or walks around the city, or joint transmission will be limited to finding a bus and hotels.

But the most close hitchhiking suggests any independent travel, whether travel inside the country or on another continent. This journey involves not only the nearly constant presence of tourists together (especially when traveling to distant countries), but joint planning of the route, the choice of style of travel and hotels, mutual aid if necessary. If you are going to go to such a journey with a stranger, preferably at least possible to get acquainted through the Internet, pre-negotiate and plan a route, select and, if necessary, book hotels and domestic removals. Also discuss the approximate budget for travel, willing and able to supply the restaurants or self-cooking, knowledge of the language areas of the country, the experience of independent travel, interests and hobbies, the expectations from the trip. With self-journey of two or more strangers in a very desirable some common interests and similar expectations from the trip, as well as a comparable budget.

In general, any type of travel, finding common interests, the ability to negotiate, compromise, compassion and patience for each other will help make traveling with random interesting and pleasant companions, and find in them not only possible companions for future travel, but also good friends. Children's holiday.

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