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About the tour bus says a lot. They have both their supporters and their opponents, and, naturally, their advantages and disadvantages. Let's try to objectively list those and others.

The first thing that always impresses when choosing a bus tour or self-bus trip - a low price. If this tour, the first thing you should see what is included in the price. Typically, the cost includes: transportation, hotel accommodation and breakfast. Therefore, please note that for all excursions and meals you will pay yourself.

Of course, traveling by bus charter, you can see many interesting things, get a lot of positive impressions. Just remember that the whole trip my personal desires, you will report to the public-41 nym, as in this case, the law of the majority. However, as shown by numerous experiments, if you are sending more than a gay friendly company, then a trip (any!) Will be a wonderful and unforgettable event, and all occurring in the way of inconvenience and inconsistencies will be treated easily and with humor. 

If a modern and comfortable bus (European level), it has a need for expensive amenities: a toilet (sometimes even a shower), air conditioning, TV and video, coffee maker. Also on the route may stop for the night (all depends on your proposed tour). But, unfortunately, there are times when instead of the promised super-bus, you will be served at the landing old "Ikarus". Draw your own conclusions!

If you decide to travel by bus, for greater comfort is to bring a small pillow under his head and a blanket and a supply of food (recall that Germany banned the import of meat of any kind). Be sure to take water for drinking. By the way, even the tour operators do not deny that the bus tours are good for small and medium distances. Trip to Germany belongs to the latter.

And in general, There is the feeling that the bus is traveling the one who is not afraid of difficulties long journey, who is cheerful, sociable, easy-going and completely devoid of snobbery.

Bus tours to Europe - is the most interesting type of tourism. During one trip you will enjoy a unique opportunity to cross the borders of several states. During one trip, you can see the sights of several European capitals, compare them, evaluate each of the dignity and come back here again.

In a European tour bus - not a difficult test. Especially if the program is not a route the night moves. Their absence, however, increases the cost of a trip, in fact have to pay for more nights, but it makes life easier for travelers healthy. On such trips go not only students, schoolchildren and pensioners - without damage to health.

Since the market this new product, that is, from the early 90's., Bus tours have always enjoyed the Russians rather stable demand. Except the crisis in 1998, the strip's popularity this type of tourism has never dropped.

Certainly, the success of bus tours is largely due to their affordable price. Equally, customers attracted extensive cognitive capabilities of such programs. According to CEO "Interso" Tatiana Kozlovsky, "bus tour - the ideal way to find a" country at heart ", and next time give it a lot more attention." Finally, travel by bus - an acceptable alternative for those traveling salesmen that refuse to air travel.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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