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Bus transport in the U.S.

Bus transport in the U.S.

Geography of the mainland United States in its essence is simple, and it is easy to move overland. Excellent interstate highway (interstate highways), maintained in good condition, make the United States in many respects the country drivers. It can be argued that the journey on the road - this is the only way to see the real America. And if you travel by car you have no ability or desire, a trip on the bus charter  can save you a lot of money. 

Perhaps the most popular and recognizable bus line in the U.S. - is Greyhound, whose name and logo come from the name of the famous breed of racing dogs. The company was founded in the early 20 th century and since then has gone through several changes and upgrades, the latest of which occurred in 2004 when they adopted a new, modern image with the logo in the form of a metal dog.

According to the site Greyhound (www.greyhound.com), park the company consists of 1 250 buses with an average age of just over 7 years, serving more than 1 700 destinations in the U.S.. The company transports more than 19 million passengers per year and has annual revenue of 1,2 billion dollars. Most traffic occurs at bus terminals in New York, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Richmond, Baltimore, Nashville, Washington and Dallas.

This interstate bus travel is not so popular among Americans, who are always in a hurry and, therefore, prefer the high-speed movement of aircraft or trains. Many people in the United States is considering a trip to the bus as the most economical way to travel - but only if the correct approach to the issue. Bought for 14 days prior to travel round-trip from New York to Cleveland would cost only $ 90. This is a very profitable rate. However, when buying at the station on the day of departure the ticket price climbs right up to 160 dollars, and the tariff to be reimbursed in case of delivery of the ticket may exceed $ 200. This price is already close to the cost of air travel.

Inside the buses are usually clean, including in the toilets. And going on a long journey, you will see that the bus interior cleaned after every big stop. During the trip from New York to Chicago waiting for you at least one transfer (bus change) and approximately two temporary disembarkation (reboarding) for cleaning the interior. If the bus is too hot or too cold, the passengers can always ask the driver to adjust the temperature. But still, take a jacket just in case it's a good idea.

Places on the bus quite comfortable. To adjust the torso can use the lever, located seats. If you strictly need to use a mobile phone, do not sit behind the driver, because he will ask you to turn it off because it would interfere with the work of the e-card (E-Pass) to travel on toll roads (tollway).

You can take a bus food. Drinking of alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Addition, the bus will stop near the places where you can eat well. On average, stopping for food took about 30 minutes, stopping on a smoke break - 5 minutes.

Always carry your ticket (ticket) and boarding pass (boarding pass), even if you sit on the same bus after a temporary landing. In large terminals, you can see two queues - one for the new passengers, and one for those who returned to the bus after a temporary landing. Make sure that you get up in the correct place, so as not to annoy the driver while checking the ticket.

Regardless of what is printed on your ticket, listen carefully, what you say to the driver. One of the features of the company Greyhound, for which it is often criticized, it is changing plans routes. For example, according to ticket you expect to transplant in Pittsburgh, but if the driver would say - you peresyadete in Cleveland. Often the drivers know the system well enough to understand that they are behind schedule, and that you will not have time, if you follow the original route. So they will make every possible effort to deliver you to your destination as quickly as possible, even if it means that you have to make a few extra transfers.

Of course, you need to carefully monitor your luggage, especially with transplants. Nobody is going to carry your luggage for you, you have to do it yourself.

If your neighbor is worried about you, just stand up and tell the driver. He will patrol, and troublemaker rid of the bus.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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