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Bus tour

The greatest advantage is often a defining moment travel by bus - it is cheap. Cost of bus charter tour ranges from 150 USD up to 700 cu. But the price - a tricky thing. Do not immediately "buy" the cheapness of travel. 

Perhaps it includes only the cost of travel and for accommodation, meals and guide service you would pay separately. And then a cheap, it would seem, the trip will result in a decent amount. Typically, a reliable, proven firm prices are higher than those of small, nobody knows the bus company. It is better to turn to first. That it will offer a full range of services, including decent excursions, medical insurance, meals, and, very importantly, provide a "green corridor" at border crossings. If you overpay a little and have promoted the brand for the company, it is quite justified. We must not forget: "Miserly pay twice.

Where to go on the bus ...

The bus, with all its comfort, good for small and medium distances. In its limited space will not be able to take a horizontal position until the end stretch tired legs. Therefore, the path length, intelligent metering and relocations for clients are Travel Agents crucial. Most, perhaps, not burdensome - tours to Scandinavia. Distances there are small, and by bus combined with sea ferry. Not bad in the travel to Western Europe - to Germany or France, to Paris. There are companies that offer tours to Spain and Portugal with the return through Belgium and Holland. It is already difficult. Tourists, attracted by the opportunity to visit for one visit several countries, absolutely do not think about fatigue, which negates the impression from what he saw. Bus tour for a period of 15-20 days - is nonsense. However, there is option: the bus - in Spain, with a week's vacation at one of its Mediterranean resorts. On the way back tourists go with a thirst for new experiences.

... And where

Where starts bus tour - the issue no less important. If the firm offers to the client to go by bus to Europe directly from Volgograd, one of his advice - to escape from this company. By the time gets to wading through all of our vast Motherland, no abroad will not be necessary. Will only desire - to return home. Moreover, no special facilities shown on this long journey is not expected. From Moscow, a bus ride is also not worth it. Distance is also not small. The ideal option for travel to Western Europe - by train to get to Brest, or if you have to tour in Scandinavia - to St. Petersburg. And from there by bus is not terrible. In reputable travel firms and planned.

Where to sleep in the bus tour?

Best option - without a tour of night journeys, because sleep in the bus is problematic. On the other hand, similar crossings great save time, money and even tourists. Therefore, virtually every bus route includes at least one night crossing. Can agree with two. Three - already bust. No self-respecting company cares about tourists and creating a program, carefully think about the issues of nights in the bus.

Special role in the success of a bus tour is the comfort of the vehicle. Decent company uses, apart from those mentioned routes, buses European tourist class. They have a coffee maker, toilet, VCR with two monitors, air-conditioning. Seats recline and returning to the side. A potential traveler a good idea to inquire in advance about the brand of their "home on wheels." In one of the excursions in Tunisia with a friend, we got on the bus, which was all that was needed, but ... my knees barely fit in the distance between rows of seats. Higher men simply exhausted. Fortunately, the trip was short. And ten days in a bus? ..

The choice companion determine the size ...

The correct choice of the neighbor at the chair at the time of the tour - another term successful trip. A case in point is not about an interesting conversationalist and not a nice person, although it is also important. With reference to the prose scale. Many companies are warning their customers that with growth in excess of 190 centimeters, and the amount of clothing over the 56th hardly they will be comfortable in the bus tour. Large people are placed in a chair with difficulty. If the number usyadutsya two such rights, they will be cramped.

Cons bus tours to more than offset a big advantage - the bus carries its passengers "from the entrance to the door, whether it be hotel, restaurant, museum or supermarket ... to walk them almost do not have to.

Another advantage - the warm company, interesting fellow travelers, new acquaintances. In sightseeing bus tours travel people who are not afraid of the complexity of the long journey. They are cheerful, sociable, devoid of snobbery. Usually, all quickly become acquainted with each other and spend wonderful time.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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