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What should be taken into account when selecting a tourist bus tour?

What should be taken into account when selecting a tourist bus tour?

Recently, bus tours are becoming increasingly popular, as they give tourists the opportunity during one trip visit the several States or travel to different regions of one country for a relatively low cost. There are two basic types of bus tours. First, when the tourists spend the night right on the bus. This is the most extreme variant, but also the cheapest. If you are ready to sleep sitting up, in the summer heat to dispense a few days without a shower and not be able to retire, to bring itself into order, then you can take a chance. 

The second version of the tour includes an overnight stay in comfortable conditions in hotels, campsites and cabins on the ferries. He, of course,preferable for those who are accustomed to rest with certain amenities. When you tour in the first place ask the bus. Most branded tourist bus charter equipped air-conditioning, toilet, kettle and mini-kitchen, TV, have a seat with adjustable backrest and headrest. Be sure to ask, has its own travel agency buses or rented. Please note that the bus can be rented from less comfortable seats and a smaller set of equipment than you were promised. 

It is desirable to choose the tour, which previously were reserved for the tourists places in the bus. Sometimes travel agencies provide small surcharge for the best seats. If the tourists can not be booked specific seats on the bus, disputes over them can spoil all the rest. True, this option may be used drawing before landing. Of course, in this case, the place can have not those who were counting on, but the mutual resentments among the tourists will be gone. When traveling in a bus the exact time of arrival at the hotel and excursions to places difficult to determine: possible traffic jams on the roads, delays at border crossings, difficult weather conditions, etc. Typically, all this is taken into account when scheduling travel. Most travel agencies adhere to unwritten rules (some even lay it in the contract), that after appointed time of tourists waiting for stragglers not more than 15 minutes. Those who do not meet that deadline, it is necessary to catch up with the group independently, and this "fun" may not be cheap. 

Chaperones guide-interpreter always has a mobile phone. Be sure to write down its number. In every journey may happen if get lost in an unfamiliar place, or otherwise, are late at the appointed time to board the bus, please call. Will help you get oriented, tell us how it is more convenient to get to the landing site, or tell where to wait for a bus which will take you on the road. 

Selecting things in the way, if you long to be on the bus has its own peculiarities. As a general rule, far carrying a suitcase with the things you do not have, but better if it is on wheels. It is desirable to have a separate bag that you will take into the salon. Clothing should be such that in it a long time, it was convenient to sit. Change into bus nowhere, if you're not a supporter of an impromptu striptease. Picking out clothes for the trip, please be aware that washing is something you in the hotel able, but hardly have time to dry. 

Footwear is desirable to have a convenient, because the trips may have to walk a lot. In Europe, in some places the streets are paved with cobblestones, pass on them at the heels and twisted his leg can not please everyone. Even the summer weather, especially in coastal areas, changeable, and therefore may be useful windbreaker and an umbrella. 

For a long stay in the bus was more comfortable, get in the way inflatable headrest and a small massage pad on the seat. Do not interfere, and a small thermos, as a special kettle on the bus can be used only stops, and the capacity it is usually low. Coffee and tea is better to take the tea bags and sugar - refined sugar. Mineral water appropriate buy in small plastic bottles are easier to drink on the move. 

Chocolate and chocolate candy in the road are undesirable, can soil oneself, but "sosanchiki, peeled nuts and dried fruits help pass the time. Cookies, biscuits, crackers, pastries worth buying such that when used leaves little crumbs. For rare exception of refrigerators in the buses no. If you want to take with sausage or smoked, it is desirable to buy cutting vacuum-packed. Those who like cheese and sausages with a strong characteristic smell better on a trip to refrain from such gastronomic predilections. 

It is desirable to bring disposable utensils, unbreakable cups, a couple of packages of alcohol wipes moist and individual kit. If you are prone to motion sickness, be sure to buy the appropriate medicine and carefully read the annotation to it. 

Usually, motion sickness pills are not taken when the bus begins to zigzag up a mountain serpentines, but at least 20-30 minutes before him. 

During long journeys by bus makes stops 4-5 hours. Toilets, which are the buses, usually used only in emergency. When planning the budget for the trip, note that the toilets in the ground bus stops may apply. Budget tourist - especially individual, if we follow the principle that a lot of money does not happen. But it is worth considering some subtleties. It's wise to buy the currency of the countries through which you pass or on the territory of which will be great part of the tour. Remember that even in major European cities to find the evening exchanger - a serious problem, but in small towns it often unsolvable. Advance learn from the accompanying guide, where the exchange rate is better to change the currency in some stores and that specifically worth buying. How to take a taxi-free when you buy, I have already told one of the articles. 

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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