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Bus tour - this class!


Bus tour - this class!

Bus Tour: Introduction
Bus tour - a unique opportunity to visit several countries during one trip. Bus tour? Hmm ... Some have expressed admiration for the rapid bus tours, bus tours seem to be another test of the severest. Who is right? As you know, the taste and different folks - everyone chooses what he liked. But even the most inveterate skeptics acknowledge that the bus tours to other types of recreation, there are two indisputable advantages - they are cheaper and more dynamic.

Bus tour: typology
Bus tours in Europe, which offer travel agencies, usually divided into several categories. It travels in one country, two historically related countries (eg Austria - Hungary or the Czech Republic - Slovakia); option "as much as possible countries for a minimum price, the option" trip on the bus plus the rest. " What is included in price of a bus tour? Because of a bus, the cost of gasoline, parking, visas, meals, excursions, service and value nights. The last point - a key in this list. The more nights you spend not in the hotel and the bus, the cheaper it will be your journey. The principle of "higher quality - the higher the price" operates in bus charter travel as strictly as in the other. Tours for individual countries (particularly popular with our tourists enjoy eight days visit to the Czech Republic and Hungary, which cost about $ 200-250) are quite comfortable. You provide a convenient schedule and place in a cozy hotel, as soon as you enter the country. This also applies to groups of small-area countries (eg, the Baltic, Scandinavia). In the embassies of Germany and Italy, there are problems with visa, so these countries were visited mainly in conjunction with others, not so "strict" in visa for countries. 

Bus tour: accents and "Crossing Europe"
Among the many trips to several countries stand out tours with an emphasis on any one country. The connoisseur of art, dreaming of visiting Italy, but has no funds for aircraft sightseeing tour (because it's really quite expensive), could see at least some of the gems, which I read and heard. Options "bus plus railroad" is much easier to clean the bus. Almost all travel companies involved in bus tours, travel practices of tourists to Lviv and Poland by train, and then - on the bus. The return trip is similar. Sometimes on the train only tourists go back. Some of these trips do not have the night crossings.

Bus tour: hybridization
Mention and "hybrid" beach holiday with the bus tours through Europe. Most often, such a purely "otdyhatelnye" days tourists spend in Italy, Spain or France. It is a fantastic, in my opinion, pleasure is not so expensive. For example, tour Germany - Austria - Italy with a week's holiday in Rimini is worth $ 650 + visa + railway ticket. And it is with breakfast and dinner! Or another route: Italy - Austria - Germany - Cote d'Azur of France (with a week's vacation in Nice), which costs $ 600 + visa + railway ticket.

There were also programs that combine flights on planes with bus tourism. In this case, tourists are completely freed from tedious, winding miles "on the territory of Eastern European countries. By the way, hotels in these programs typically are offered a very decent - 4-5 stars. For example, a week combined (plane plus bus) tour of Amsterdam - Brussels - Luxembourg - Cologne, worth 960-980 dollars, and "Summer Switzerland" in 9 days - 1320-1590 dollars. Locks, the world famous lakes and resorts, breathtaking panorama of mountain passes, alpine skiing in the summer (if you want - please!), The world's steepest cog railway - all of these delights trip to Switzerland will be accessible to you, if you travel by bus.

Bus tour: the actual tour
It should be noted, and one more feature travel by bus, organized by our agency - low cost excursions included in the program. No, no, do not worry, you will not be "free" to impose fur and gold, as in Turkey or Egypt. (Incidentally, in Paris, travelers also like to take it to the Museum of Perfume ", where they sell the kits are not very fresh toilet water). Bus tours are suitable for people who do not know either do nothing or, as they say, "very advanced". No need to rely on a guide. Accompanying groups are watching our security and our respect for human rights abroad, and purely factual, material side trip excites them much stronger than the spiritual. Those who want the most detailed image available from the visited cities and countries, it makes sense to prepare for this trip in advance - had studied history and art history books, ask friends who visited there! Typically, local guides conduct tours quite decent. In Germany and the Czech Republic, for example, you provided a good walking tours. In Italy, you can order additional Russian tour of Venice or the Vatican, and in England and France, to dial in the museums of printed materials. It is said that very well organized sightseeing tours of Barcelona (it includes examination of the Cathedral of the Holy Family, the statue of Columbus, the area of Spain and others), and guides highly educated people working there. Not a bad trip waiting for you in Vienna (you have to visit the Cathedral of St.. Stephen, the Hofburg - the former residence of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, examination hall, Parliament and others). In Salzburg, through which pass some European routes, you bring together in the Mirabell Palace and the Museum of Mozart. A similar tours of Paris usually keep a sense of disappointment: too little time at Notre Dame and other sights of this beautiful city.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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