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Bus tours in Europe - a personal experience


Bus tours in Europe - a personal experience

Bus tours to Europe every year going through all the new and a new peak of his popularity. And even despite the fact that the European consulates in recent times not zhaluyut tourists avtobusnikov - extend the package of documents required for opening a Schengen visa, stretch the time frame for consideration of applications, tighten requirements and increase the number of failures, tour operators are rejoicing - the demand for bus tours only increases .

Although, however, nothing surprising in this. Bus tour as he was, and remains the most economical way to travel to Europe: for relatively little money, you will have the opportunity to visit several countries and often to see the majority of the most famous sights.

However, summarizing all feedback on the bus tours and your own experience, I can note that, unfortunately or fortunately, the bus charter tour is not for everyone. Therefore, all the negative and positive points worth thinking about in advance, so that, as they say, was excruciatingly painful ... spent aimlessly for vacation. 

Advantages and disadvantages of bus tours

Pleasant cost of bus tours in Europe, we have already noted above - this is certainly one of the most positive aspects of travel.

This is followed by rich excursion program, which is a fairly short period of time makes it possible to experience the full local flavor and to see most of the attractions of any chosen country. And it does not matter that much of what he saw mixed up and forgotten - the most valuable probably remain in the memories forever. But there is another side to the fun - not everyone is able to withstand a lot of trips in a crazy rhythm. Can you - to decide, of course, you, but try to weigh up their strength long before buying a bus tour.

Next time, over which should also reflect - is communication, lack of which is simply impossible to experience while traveling on the bus. At a certain mood for a long and hanging out in the bus tour results in the future in a very warm friendship between people from different cities, which at the best of circumstances supported for many years. But if you are by nature not very sociable and do not wish to correct this situation or are you just tired of communicating with many people and want to relax mentally, the bus tour is not just for you!

Speaking of hotels, which are available to tourists in the budget bus tours, everything is heavily dependent on the circumstances and the share of luck. Hotels are very different, ranging from the mediocre to very good. And the only thing that unites them is that they often are located in sleeping areas. And this, of course, makes it difficult to separate tourists and night walks back to the hotel from the city center, where, naturally, contains the majority of attractions and entertainment.

But there is one very important advantage, which can boast only bus tours. Only the bus tour gives us a unique opportunity to see almost the entire country (and often more than one) in transit from the bus window, with its tiny villages and small towns, who meet on the road. Allows you to fully enjoy the European roads, service and national peculiarities of roadside eateries and related institutions. Air tour is, of course, not under force.

But to pay for this advantage will have long hours going through Customs. Even if your bus, and, accordingly, you should not see any difficulty (and the only thanks to the experience of your guide, if you find it in your guide), then waiting proshtampovki passports of all travelers, you'll cheat on each boundary not less than two hours.

In addition, very often the protagonist of the tour - bus - in terms of passenger comfort does not correspond to recognized standards of that part of the world where you are going. And the long-awaited trip turns, almost a torture, as in any case should not forget when you only make a decision about buying the tour.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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