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Bus Tours: Tours distance


Bus Tours: Tours distance

When a bus tour of Europe helped ordinary Soviet citizen to look behind the Iron Curtain. And now, they remain the most affordable option for foreign travel, although the embassies of European countries openly say that this kind of tourism is one of the channels of illegal immigration ...

Historic Route

Bus tours to Europe have become one of the symbols pozdneperestroechnoy pores. This business was built solely on the enthusiasm of its founders. The process of organizing a bus charter tour was as follows. Two or three curious individual to decide which countries and cities of Western Europe they would like to visit, sit down with a map, developed route calculations about the distance, wondering whether they execute the plan ... 

Romantic epoch of bus tourism is today pioneering nostalgic memories. In the unanimous recognition of the directors of travel agencies, tourist then was quite different - neizbalovanny, disciplined, ready to endure any hardships, just to see for myself the very different life, which for decades has been hidden behind the Iron Curtain. The joy of what we have to see Europe more than compensated for the costs of budget travel. People buying a cheap tour, were well aware of what level of service they expect. Now the opposite is true: the less money paid for a tourist trip, the more claims he predyavlyaet.V rest of the bus tourism has changed is not so much. Like 15 years ago, this type of vacation remains for getting the most impressions for minimal money, so buy such tours are not very wealthy people: young people and people approaching retirement age.

The most significant changes have affected routes - they now are vast.

$ 50 for city

Today, the tourist buses can get to most European countries. Travel to Prague or Paris have become classics. Buses with tourists coming to Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, to call in Cote d'Azur. Summer travel companies offer a combined trip with the rest by the sea in winter - with the celebration of New Year and a visit to European carnivals.

Summarizing the price and the geography of routes, we find that the cheapest are the tours to Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Baltics and the Nordic countries - Finland, Sweden. Western Europe more expensive. True, there are exceptions: most popular bus product - tours in Paris through the territory of Poland, Germany and the Benelux countries - comparable in price to travel to the former Soviet bloc.

Bus programs can be divided into three price groups. Price of the cheapest tours does not exceed £ 300 - march of 10-12 days with a minimum of comfort. Must be prepared for one or two night-long journeys of 500-700 km each. You should not deceive ourselves about the free time in the cities - it will be very little, and rely on housing in good hotels - have to spend the night in a cheap motel on the outskirts of the city. Demand for these programs are still very high. For those who go abroad for the first time, such tours are still the most attractive.

The second group - tours cost up to? 700. Having paid such a sum, you can count on that tedious night crossings replace the travel agency for accommodation in hotels of category three or even four star "that the program will include more excursions, for which you do not have to pay extra, and that you will have a much more free time for independent walking. By the place of departure tour bus tourists also delivered with all the conveniences = say, in a compartment of a train or airplane.

Bus travel is more expensive? 700 are exclusive offer. Such programs are relatively few, and they are conducted infrequently - once or twice a year. Typically, they are bought by people who have repeatedly been abroad and who were tired of the standard program. By expensive options can be, for example, include visits to Switzerland, the southern provinces of France, or tour bus at carnivals. There is even a 20-day tours. This voucher is worth almost? 900, not counting the cost of travel to Berlin and the visa (it will pull another? 250). However, if you divide the amount on 23 cities in six European countries, through which the route passes, it will not so expensive - $ 50 per city.

Wheel specificity

Yet such a trip - it is rather an exception to the rule. In most cases, tour operators working with the usual groups of tourists, the size of 35-45 people. Send less profitable, as it affects the profitability of arrival. After all, the net profit from a "bus" Tour-Package, according to experts, is not so great - approximately £ 30, that is? 1.350 from the bus. Spring or summer, during school holidays, when demand is close to the maximum, a large operator may form 50-70 groups per month, earning up to? 70-100 thousand

Many companies prefer to "make the volume" on school groups, this benefit does not require much effort. Schools are known, therefore, remains only interested in their offer parents and teachers. Most of the main argument is the low price of the tour.

The quality of experiences that tourists will get the trip, largely depends on the skill of accompanying. If shortly after the departure appears that he only knows the route, but does not possess the skills psychologist, can not rally the team and in time to extinguish the tension, the trip can be considered tainted.

A good guide is worth its weight in gold, real professionals in the market know by name. Some of them are able to fully maintain the route, combining the functions of organizer and guide. However, this does not eliminate the need for travel companies to attract local guides: in many European countries, police strictly followed so that the tour guide spent with the license, and fines the guilty companies. In Italy, for example, the fine is? 1.500.

Methods dropout

Eternal headache organizers bus tours - illegals. According to tourist companies, the percentage of these people in the total mass of customers is very small. Themselves to filter out unwanted passengers embassy can not, therefore, induced to travel agents. From time to time the consular chiefs call on the Director of Preventive interview and recommend to tighten control over the documents tourists to report on potential defectors.

However, an efficient method of retention is not yet invented. Meanwhile, travel companies are trying not to deal with people at risk - the inhabitants of the Caucasus, as well as the simple natives of the former Soviet republics of Transcaucasia, Central Asia and even the natives of the Stavropol Territory. Suspicions are lonely people who buy the cheapest things to do, as well as the family, traveling at full strength. If during the trip someone still disappears, the accompanying first checks, whether the bus were some things: A tourist could keep up with him or something happened. In this case guide leaves his position in the police station. If things do not, then it becomes obvious that the tourist "preferred freedom", and travel agency can expect to have trouble at the exit from the Schengen zone.

Particular attention should be paid an individual health insurance, you are obliged to register all the travel companies that send tourists abroad. Representatives of insurance companies complain that in the pursuit of cheapening the overall cost of the tour travel companies seek to include in a mandatory package of policy cheaper. It costs only a few dollars, but not all visitors know that the current standard insurance just outside the CIS and conditions of insurance can provide only emergency cover medical expenses, and only during tours. Moreover, sometimes in the policy specifies "franchise", that is the minimum amount that the tourist has to pay out of pocket (usually $ 30-50).

Of course, in case of emergency without the help of man will not leave, but you must understand that under the standard form of insurance reimbursement for treatment on his return home may not be the question. Travelers are therefore at the stage of registration of travel need, at least, to ask that includes their insurance. Of course, their lives and health of people must insure separately.

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