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Bus tour: go, do not go

Bus tour: go, do not go

Let us admit to ourselves that the best we rest - valyayas on the couch watching television while peacefully chewing something. These moments of our brains, as well as all the muscles in a state of languor and repose. Suddenly, always smiling Mikhail Kozhukhov starts with passion talk about overseas manner of life with a blue screen. All. We are ready to pack suitcases, to see for herself that showed us a movie camera. We are ready to fly across the ocean, there are fried grasshoppers; bawl songs in the canals of Venice or just ride on the old Europe ... on the bus. When to go Bus tours can be planned throughout the year. But the busiest time for this kind of vacation from April to October. There are two type of bus charter: the actual bus and bus + Railway (you will cross the border by bus to the border and come by train). 

At the cost of travel affects the availability of night journeys. The more, the cheaper it will travel. And only a bus suggests 2 to 3 night crossing, while at the bus version of the + rail they may not be at all. Buying a ticket to the travel company, ask not only the license and the program of the trip, but the fact that it is better to bring 

the road. Any self-respecting company will provide you with a checklist of valuable information. Thus, in the summer trip to take with him at least one warm thing, and an umbrella. Not interfere, and individual first aid kit. For their own convenience during night journeys, well have an inflatable pillow and blanket, and for the convenience of others - clean socks. 

What to eat
Nutrition abroad - a separate issue. Typically, the price includes breakfast only. Lunch and dinner tourist pays independently. Instant soup, seized from the house, you will not starve, and restock provisions can and in supermarkets. While agree that there is something unnatural to not try the local delicacies. 

Each trip requires money. Today you can take out of Ukraine to 5 thousand dollars or its equivalent in any other currency, with the obligatory indication of the customs declaration and if the documents confirming the purchase currency funds, for example, removed from the personal foreign currency account, purchased through cash, traveler's checks, purchased through the cashier 
authorized bank in Ukraine. It is better that some of the money consisted of small bills. Remember that the program provides excursions, they also paid for separately. 

Pros and Cons
At the bus tour has its pluses and minuses. It is remarkable to see just nine days, and musical Vienna with its famous State Opera and delicious cakes and fabulous Strasbourg, every house which just asks to become a photographer for memory. Look at the magical Paris with its wonderful parks and museums and in Amsterdam with sexy red quarter, and windmills. A business Brussels, the whole center of which fit on one square "Grand - Place", with delicious restaurants, expensive shops and the famous Menkenov Pisom. A Gothic Prague, with its excellent beer, stately Dresden and its unique gallery. But you never know what else. ut nine days - this is less travel. Leave Vienna before voiced final aria in the first act. Time is short, so instead of the amazing lobster in Brussels restaurant, snack on the go sandwiches with melted cheese, purchased still in Warsaw. And Paris! Even if you live in the city for three days. There's so much temptation, that is not enough for a week to catch enjoy the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa in the Louvre, and stroll among the paintings of Van Gogh and Monet in the museum Д'Орсе, spit down, with Eiffel Tower and marvel at the magnificent panorama from the height of the observation deck of Notre Dame. But time passes quickly, and, on leaving, You give yourself a promise that he would return to inspect, eat up, enjoy the fact that missed. 

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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