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Disadvantages bus tour


Disadvantages bus tour

Travel in a dream like, perhaps, everything. Discovering new countries and cities, meet new people and new customs, taste new foods and beverages. And how romantic snow-white ship or airliner, zig dreamer in exciting journey!

Unfortunately, for many romantic trip to this part. For various reasons. Not all, alas, is well tolerated plane or steamer: someone banal afraid of heights, but someone is suffering from seasickness. Yes and money such travel are considerable. But out there. And it is - a tourist trip on a comfortable bus. First of all, inexpensive. Secondly, one can immediately see some 
countries, if you decide to read it with Europe, rather than sit tied to a single hotel in one city. Even if the city your dream Paris. By the way, price is often a bus tour to several European countries is equal to the value of one only flight from our white-stone to their Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Bus travel - a relatively new kind of tourism. They appeared in the seventies of the twentieth century, when, in 1972, was opened the first international tourist line London-Dublin-Galway. Today, hundreds of similar lines. His coach tourist routes have appeared here in our country. And you can go anywhere: in Brussels and Zurich, Wuppertal and Montauban, Bilbao and potency. The main thing - to determine for themselves the most interesting route and select the number of days that you are ready to hold in "odyssey on wheels" (it can be 8, 10, 14, 17 and even 21 days!). And - forward, an exciting trip! 

But before I go on a long trip, take note surf the experienced traveler.

Council first - from the very beginning not to spoil the trip After selecting your favorite bus charter route, do not hurry to call into the first firm. Customers in those tourist firms that enjoy a good reputation in the market, otherwise the trip will result in lots of trouble. Example, there is a compulsory to carry a thing as a schedule of buses. The drivers (and bus!) Must certain number of hours of rest. But some travel companies bringing in tourists with its clear violation of the charts. If a bus delay somewhere in the center of Salzburg and Madrid (and such cases have already been), the travel agency spreads chubby fine, and bus priparkovyvayut to the curb, where it is necessary for the complete schedule of eight hours. Hence, the entire program - to verge of collapse. 

Incidentally, a few words about stamps buses which romp along the roads of Europe. Embark on a journey should only machines European class (such as "Mercedes, Neoplan," Bowa and others). They are usually equipped with video and audio systems, as well as air-conditioning, toilet and coffee maker. The seats in these buses are not just folded, but parted in the side. So 
buying a tour, be sure to talk to your managers, tour agencies, in what coach you have to literally live for almost two week, whether it was preventive maintenance? And then instead of a kaleidoscope of impressions you have to "tan" on the sidelines until drivers will bother with a spanner. 

On the way the bus driver required every four or five hours to make technical stops. Their duration is, again, governed by international rules. But a blessing in disguise: at these stops you can buy many things and you want to visit is a necessary institution, as a toilet. Each group is accompanied by the head of the route, which accommodates tourists in the hotel, organizes meetings with the guides and makes a lot more all the necessary travel arrangements for business. The exact time of departure from the cities, excursions and additional program also announces the team leader. It is that time is mandatory. The bus is waiting latecomers only 15 minutes, and then moves further along the route. Those who, for whatever reason, late, catching up with group 

Second Council - What you need to take
If you are going to travel in winter or early spring, please be sure to woolen socks, a blanket and a small pillow-Daisy affair (or roll under the head). It is easier transferred to night travel, which, unfortunately, in some rounds to avoid impossible. Put your luggage in the book, the player with cassettes, as well as your favorite videotape. Do not forget that the road often (then 
whether the dust, whether from the bus exhaust) tickle in the throat. In this case, be sure to grab a candy-candy or something like "chill". But do not bring a lot of food. Make some dry porridges, soups, tea bags and coffee, and certainly Take the road nuts and chocolate. Can be useful as heater. And, of course, need a convenient way to mug, and spoon knife. 

In your suitcase must certainly take its place ambulance box with plaster, iodine, antibiotics, stomach drugs and various painkillers. You never know what can happen on the road? 

Do not forget about the umbrella, film and batteries for the camera or camcorder: in their quest to priotelnyh kiosks can simply not enough time. And do not be lazy to get sensible guide to the map. This will save a lot of your cordon precious time. 

If a suitcase left a little space, make sure you put it in his belly a little road utyuzhok. In bus you have to spend many hours, and to keep a travel form, and not to attract attention creased clothes. Best, of course, take the road not crumpling things for which no crossings are not terrible. Why you should not take with you on a journey? Pets. This trip is not for our little. Do not take with him to road and new shoes. Have to walk a lot, so vitally necessary to have raznoshennye boots or sneakers. 

Third Council - How to quickly pass customs and border control
Are their unwritten rules, which must comply with the time. Strictly forbidden on the border to go the bus, to enter into negotiations with officials, as well as take pictures or shoot something on the camcorder. In such cases, border guards confiscate equipment, and it will not be returned (such cases have repeatedly been on the border with Poland). With the passage of border control must present a passport with visas. If all documents in the order in passport will be stamped on the border in this border point. But if you find that you have an expired passport or 
some problems with visas, you may simply withdraw from the route. It is desirable to take a trip and Ukrainian passports (even better -- take a photocopy of it).

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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