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Advice traveling bus tour


Advice traveling bus tour

If you will be a long journey by bus, it is worth to him to prepare this well, then it will be convenient as much as possible. First of all, take care of comfortable clothes (this may be, for example, jogging suit) shoes and socks replacement. 

Sleep on the bus, of course, is not easy, but thinking ahead, you can achieve a certain degree of comfort. MirSovetov advises not to be too lazy and take a bus tour of small pillow so as not to look with envy and then the passengers who done. It will bring you many benefits and not give any considerable inconvenience. Be useful and a small blanket or clothing, which can replace it. Is likely that the bus will blow slightly. Now about the food. Power reserve food for the trip bus tour, give preference to long-term food storage. The bus charter No refrigerator. Take the road for a plastic cup of boiling water, so as not to burn yourself. 

Now, about what not to do. According to international standards, while the bus is not recommended to walk through the cabin, eat, drink tea. Can not distract the driver. Use kettle during movement as prohibited. 

The fact that you have passed passport control, would indicate a stamp in the passport on the border crossing in the village, where you are sdelali.K this process is taken seriously. When customs control should be avoided conflict situations. In the case of any problems immediately to contact the escort group, all issues are best resolved through him. At the same time not forget that in any case of aggression, any incorrect behavior is not welcome. It will be useful to know and what photo and video at customs banned, if you notice, the photo-and video equipment confiscated without right to follow receive their property back. 
Going to a bus tour, be prepared for the fact that at the boundary of your personal belongings and luggage will inspect. Take this with understanding. When passing the border, hold a passport in hand. The fact that you have passed passport control, will testify stamp in the passport for border crossing in the village, where you did. If required, you will need to fill customs declaration. 

Currency Exchange
Most important thing - do not exchange money with it! You can do this in exchange offices. For example, in Germany it is "Sparkasse", in other countries it can be "Exchange". In many European countries to find the money changers can be directly at the station. Be vigilant and find out what the real rate. Rather, for the exchange of money with you to take the commission to avoid this, try find currency exchange with the designation "No commission" (no commission). In an exchange of money given to you by check. 

Entry Visas bus turomZdes it will, of course, not about how overseas use mobile phones as well that what alternatives it can find. Roaming - not a cheap. In Europe, with the usual street payphone, you can send SMS. If the visibility is a Call Shop, you can call from there. It The easiest and cheapest way to stay in touch. In addition, you can call from any payphone or hotel rooms on the card (You can buy them in exchange offices, newsagents and the same Call Shops). If you are calling from a hotel with a card, then Find out in advance at the head of the group allowed it to do in your hotel. Call the hotel is possible without the card. This when calling from Europe to Russia need to dial 007, area code and number. Is it worth to you would be much more expensive than a call to card and pay the phone bill, you can in a secure way. 


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