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Bus tours DSBW-tours: United Europe


Bus tours DSBW-tours: United Europe

Before the trip I read on the sites of a number of negative reviews on the organization of a company such as bus tours, but since I are arranged route, decided to go - and not pitied! Everything is so well organized, not a single failure on the program, meeting -- farewell, delivering documents to the airport, professional drivers, well knowing the route, settling in a nice hotel, etc. 
I would like to acknowledge the work and to thank our accompanying - Svetlana Nagavkinu, attentive, reaching the wishes tourists, which gave us the necessary information organized and disciplined, so the departure was always in the specified time, the only serious delay (20 minutes) was at the exit from Luxembourg, where it is we allowed ourselves a little 

"Lost shopping" (Sorry again).

Also thank the employee bus department - friendly and attentive Shishkina Marina for the individual booking tickets for us. And another thanks - manager tur.kompanii "Aurora" Sochi, Voronova Elena, for organizing this trip for us! Impressions weight and sad that it was all over, my child, too, all very much, but during the trip he kept patriotically stated "in Sochi - better!". 

The trip is very rich and the little free time we ourselves are filled with extra. excursions. At the shopping was possible to allocate one bus charter Paris and on the strength of two hours in Luxembourg (the normal price, good things, but also a season of discounts). 

Now, for those who are going into this tour, passing by city:

Berlin: arriving in the morning and the day was free, as part of the group was traveling from Brest on the bus. At the airport, the group met representatives of the transport company in two minibuses, which took us to the hotel, Michael and Paul (a big hello!). Knowing this free day, we agree with the guys that they we were being taken to Potsdam, guys wedged us into her busy schedule, instructed on the road had a tour in general, thanks to them, we looked at San Souci, Sissiliyaholl (GDSs held The Potsdam Conference) and the old Potstdam. 

(A small digression: we'd go 8 people, price and services were specified, there took Paul, the service has been paid, there pick up Michael, and two girls (unfortunately, I do not know the names) simply used the situation to get to Potsdam respectively, Michael did not receive the full amount. I am with these girls are no longer met, the next day we departed for different routes, but this disgusting thing now, used the situation for themselves natiharya, but there were people who in connection with limited seats in the bus were not included on this tour. If these cleverly ... s read, even the blush! And Michael now, I think, will operate on the principle of "first-money, then - chairs"). 

In Berlin, I was 15 years ago, when he impressed me more, now the whole center of construction technology, many reconstructed, but still nice to refresh memories. On a sightseeing tour toured the main historical monuments, were photographed in Marx, Engels and many more where, in his spare time went to the zoo (we have an old film about the war, which in this zoo 
gets the bomb and the animals wander through the city), the zoo is very beautiful, a lot of animals, had a pleasant time there, finally ate almost "half-meter" of German sausages with beer and moved to Amsterdam. Amsterdam: drove somewhere hours 9, stop for food, movies on the go, a nice manicured landscape with windmills, bus comfortable, but already crocked for us all, that does not break. 

Amsterdam - a very beautiful city, have kept the old, 5-6-storied houses are narrow, clinging to each other, framing channels and creating a unique atmosphere. 

The abundance of bike, and we would be at a "junk" nobody ever went, and self-sufficient Europe bulge not to whom. Generally, in comparison with Venice, where I just felt sorry for the few local people (God forbid live there!), Where the house once were dipped in a gondola, in the Amsterdam canals are absolutely natural and will fit into the urban landscape - the streets - it 
streets and canals themselves. 

At the factory diamonds ruso tourists offered such unsold finished products, we chose to leave and went, or rather ran, in Reytsmuzey (probably misspelled the name), is located in the same area, saw a collection of paintings, formed impression that all the masterpieces of Dutch artists have settled in a foreign land, here-only a slight mention and origins. An interesting excursion was to the farm where the cheese is made, there is near an old mill, which he wrote Rembrandt and monument great painter. 

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