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Rent a bus vs bus purchase

Rent a bus vs bus purchase 

Well, when the company's management thinks about creating comfortable conditions for their employees. This benefits both hand: slave receive an additional incentive to quality performance of their duties, and the head of reaping the fruits of such labor. In addition, it helps to shape the friendly atmosphere in the team. 

What can the manager to improve working conditions in your company? For example, to organize a float staff from the nearest metro station (if the firm is located outside the city). Such a practice followed by most solid companies. To this end, you can rent a bus charter different capacity. 

Why is it advantageous to rent a bus purchases? First, the fact that the cost of such transport (in good condition) is sufficient great. Make a one-time contribution - a severe blow to the company's budget.  Secondly, the obvious savings in bus maintenance: no need to at least twice a year to use tire equipment service points to put the winter or summer tires. Do not pass inspection, monitor the status transport, purchase spare parts. 

Third, the savings in parking services. Companies are not required to pay for parking vehicles. This is especially pronounced in the period when bus is idle on holidays and weekends. 
Fourthly, you use the bus only for its intended purpose and does not solve related problems. That is, you do not need think about where to get new blankets for seating or a tire trade better - in the service center A or B. 

Fifth, you do not have to pay tax on the property (one more point in favor of saving material resources of the company). Sixth, you can rent a bus with a driver. Accordingly, there is no need to search for the driver in the state, to grant a salary paid sick and holiday pay. And in the case of his illness - to look for another driver. Renting a bus with a driver, all these removed from the agenda. 

Seventh, do not need to acquire OSAGO and CASCO - also a considerable savings, given the rates for this type of transport. If these items are not convincing enough, you can add one more important: you do not need to acquire several different buses for different purposes. You can simply rent a bus needed roominess, make, model and even color.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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