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Bus Neoplan Skyliner

Bus Neoplan Skyliner


About 35 years ago began the history of the "Heavenly liner, when the autumn of 1967 at Hanover Motor Show first debuted first double-decker Neoplan Skyliner NH model 22 L. It was a two-axle bus model height of 3,8 meters and a length of 12 meters, which is a high level of comfort and a completely new design. Comfortable seats, spacious lounges and extensive first and second floors, efficient ventilation and heating, bathroom, kitchen module, a spacious luggage compartment, which lie between the upper "deck" and the motor, make a model Skyliner blockbuster. Subsequently, this type of design Coach went to successors. Over 3000 such buses were built for all this time. At present, the light is released new model buses fifth generation. 
Latest appearance

The exterior of the new model Skyliner was resolved in the spirit of some of the latest models of bus charter of this brand and was named "Neoplan look». In this model, the traditional solutions intertwined with innovative solutions. First of all, noticeable differences in the bow of the bus, highlight of which is the sixth round headlamps located in three pieces on each side of the nose. All have individual tides and cut into slanting grooves. Thus, obtained as a unique blocks headlamps that do not covered common shades. It looks very fresh and even stylish. From the main "kruglyashey", on the sides, in their hollows there are "eyes" of the indicators and position lamps. For the first time such an original stylistic decision in front of the bus was used on models Starliner (1996) and Euroliner (1998 release), but now it is widely used on other buses of this brand. Also touched upon the fundamental solutions and the front bumper. 

If you look in profile on a new bus, then at first sight difficult to see how it differs from previous models, as such traditional elements as the central pillars, with a negative slope and slope windshield (on the upper floor) were present and the previous model of the bus. However, the front part of the model has become more abrupt transition to the central bus stand, allowing the exterior bus has become more dynamic. Moreover, following the spirit of the latest fashion designs in the style "Techno" over all the wheel arches have unusual broken lines proshtampovki body. And, of course, is particularly impressive very effective coloring in which the front and partially in the side panels on the second floor are painted black, which seemed visually facilitates rather high (almost 4-meter bus) and increases the glass area. Especially against this background contrast to the central pillars, which is painted the color of the body and that both would share the body into two functional zone - the passenger compartment and the cab driver. Such coloring when something has already been used on previous model bus Skyliner Number 122 / 3 Sightseeing. There are also changes in the back of the bus, which is mainly installed new lights and round, one above the other, but three pieces on each side of the bus. 
Upgraded interior

First, start with the workplace for the driver. At this point there is a new instrument panel, which is designed in a modular principle. With aluminum coating is very clearly distinguished dashboard, which the sides are bubble hole under the speedometer and tachometer, and between them to be personal on-board computer screen, from top is the gap with the control lights. Manage major bus systems located on the keys, which are sides. Also here installed a new multi-functional steering wheel, the hub where there are special buttons designed to control the personal on-board computer. At the center console is color LCD display, expanded slightly to the driver, which shows evidence of all navigation system, but also the images from cameras located at the rear of the bus. The right is a climate control system control and radio, which may be replaced by a CD player with 10 disc changer. 

Driver's seat is improved. At prilivke plastic box for small things, right from the driver's seat, is located rotary knob for mode control of automatic transmission. Sequential mode is one of the modes of transmission, which provides manual selection of gears, which in this case included the lever. This lever located under Steering: Move it up leads to increased transmission, and down - to reduce transmission. This can be seen a new ship model MAN Lion `s Star (see AC number 18, 2002). 

Two passenger compartment has a new model Skyliner, which are on the ground, but also on the second floor of the bus. Now these Salons were much more spacious as the internal height of the lower compartment is 1.68 meters, and the top - about 1,8 meters. In Depending on the different length of the body (12,44 m and 13,79 m), as well as the level of comfort (from three to five stars, but it's almost like a hotels!) so the bus can carry an average of 54 to 79 passengers, not counting the guide and driver. That is, the higher the class, and more stars, the fewer seats in the bus. This also applies to a large luggage compartment, which is located behind the cabin first floor of the bus in front of the engine. For example, a 3-star version of 13,7 meter bus useful amount of luggage is 11,4 cubic meters and a 5-star version - only 9,4. 

In the cabin of the bus set new passenger seats, with two-point safety belts. Also on the seats are individual deflectors air ventilation system and ceiling lamps lighting design of which was borrowed from bus model Starliner. The new model adopts a more efficient system for air-conditioning system with improved distribution of air flow, installation of which does not require relinking the cabin. With this in driver's cab, and also the first and second floors of the bus you can set different temperatures. 

Improvement of lighting inside the cabin, improved heat and sound insulation, due to which the noise level in the cabin river and the cabin is reduced by several dB (A). Been revised and a kitchen module, as standard it equipped with two braziers for sausages, two coffee maker, refrigerator and sink, a reservoir for hot water and in addition more and microwave. Also, the bus has a sleeping compartment for the driver and the bio-toilet. 

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