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Coach Class

Coach Class 

Bus reservations can be compared with the order of the hotel. As the hotel has a certain level of comfort, and a bus. Let's Let us examine this. The lowest class of the bus is the first class. In this bus, you are unlikely to happen to travel, except that if Your main bus charter to destroy in the way and you have to do an emergency transplant. Buses first class is not designed for implementation of the longer trips, it is mainly ordinary rank and file of buses, which can be found on the city roads. In Therefore, special comfort in it you will not find. The most interesting thing is that the seats are arranged at intervals of 68 cm, in other words, a man with "long" legs would feel in such a bus is very uncomfortable, and even on long journeys. 

That is such an option is no longer buses.

The second class coaches in our ranking is not much different from the first class buses. Is that even a little comfort, but there is, yes and the interval between the seats is increased - 72 cm in most cases, the organization of bus travel tour companies shall hire a third-class bus. This bus will make you feel the joy of travel. In the salon you will find mini-kitchen, so necessary for long journeys, a bio-toilet (rarely used, but still) and even a mini - bar. Most importantly, it interval between the seats at 77 cm, which is enough for convenient and comfortable travel. 

But that's not all. There are several classes of buses, for example, ordering a fourth class might well be equated travel "prestige class". In mini - kitchen, toilets and the bar you will appreciate the presence of air conditioning and video lounges. To Moreover, the interval between the seats is already 83 cm, and, finally, the last class before us buses, the fourth grade. 

These buses are called exclusive, though at a bus journey will cost you a penny is not small, but you know What is "paradise" on wheels. Salon bus will pick you smart, soft seat with an interval between them of 90 cm in stock full kitchen where you can cook whatever your heart desires. In video hall, which is on sale here order the bus exclusive - you will find class audiosalon and even wardrobe. To organize bus tours for tourists companies prefer buses "Neoplan.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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