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Bus "exotic" 

Some travel companies still go to the inflated costs and buy new modern avtolaynery. Thus, in particular, enters the company organizes cruises along the Dnieper and along the Black Sea coast under the name "Chervona Ruta". Boat arrives in Odessa, several modern tourist buses big passazhirovmesti-bridge, which Participants go on a cruise tour of the city and region. But these are isolated cases, which are also yielded promising results: all the extra fees and charges for "rastamazhi-vanii" increase the cost of bus tours and cruise, consequently, reduce the profit of the operator - for the price of cruises defines the market and inflate to infinity of impossible. 

Some travel companies, particularly in the western regions of the country, hired to transport groups of tourists, foreign coaches, in mainly Polish, Slovak or Hungarian. There are cases that the employer specifically transport or register bus charter company in the territory of neighboring countries - to get away from draconian customs duties and excise taxes, as well as access to cheap credit and affordable leasing schemes for the purchase of vehicles. Then foreign bus without any problems carrying a group of foreign tourists to travel to Ukraine, and Ukrainian - to leave. 

This method of updating bus vacuum in the present circumstances would have looked quite promising, if not one "but":

Ukraine still has not formally joined the European Convention INTERBUS, which regulates the international non-scheduled passenger traffic (although some actively uses interbusovskimi instruments). Thus, exit Ukrainian buses, which carry out non-scheduled transportation, and, therefore, tourist groups, as well as the entry of foreign buses the same purpose, is carried out by special permission - for occasional transport of passengers. And the annual quota such permits are typically small and is measured by several dozens, hundreds of copies on the strength (the maximum number such documents is established between Ukraine and Poland - 500 units for each side). Finally join INTERBUSu Ukraine does not hurry, hence the massive expansion into the Ukrainian market kvaziinostrannyh buses, which carried out regularly, including travel and transportation, can lead to the fact that the car belonging to Ukrainian the owner and the next one in Ukraine for the transport of Ukrainian as tour groups, just not from the border because of lack of permits. 


The answer to this classic, Chernyshevski-Leninist question is obvious. Ukrainian tour operators should do their utmost to pressure on the power structures in order to create a favorable business climate in the area of road passenger transport, including tourist groups. In other words, we need a kind of tourist lobby in the power structures in First of all - in the parliament. Perhaps, at some stage management, it would be teaming up with traffic lobbyists - in the end, the interests of passenger motor carriers and tour operators are very similar. Must 
work together to change existing laws and enact new ones that would facilitate the development bus-building in Ukraine - without such a legislative provision of serious investors will not come to us. But if enabling legislation is already in 5-7 years in our country would receive the first Mercedes, mana, or even Neoplan. And the transitional period should pass a law that would have allowed duty-free imports to Ukraine Coach tourist-class and dalnema-gistralnyh modern airliners - ie, precisely the kind of technology, which is not produced in Ukraine. 

We can not say that in this respect nothing has been done - so, at a meeting of the Cabinet decision was taken to ensure needs of motor carriers and travel agencies in preparation for Euro 2012 to bring on concessional terms, ie, without paying taxes, fees and excises, 1000 buses - long-haul airliners and urban machines ultrahigh capacity. However, this decision has not yet been fulfilled - in Ukraine there is no legislative mechanism for the release of vehicles from taxes and fees. 

The bill, prepared by the Ministry of Transport in cooperation with public associations Transporters as AsMAP and WAIPA, which is already a month waiting for the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada ... Meanwhile, our neighbors, despite the fact that they have made road transport vehicle, find the opportunity to release their carriers and tour operators from the excessive "customs clearance". Read all of this went against Moldova: today there taxes, fees and excise taxes at import of vehicles available - the importer pays only a token fee for the registration of the car. In Russia, such rules are in place since 2003, but only in respect of tractors for semi-trucks. However, in anticipation of winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia Transport Ministry has prepared a similar bill, and for some types of buses. Similar processes are today and in Belarus.

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