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Chinese expansion

Chinese expansion 

If, due to some reasons the demand for original product can not be ensured, the market offers instead available substitute. It happened with the bus: on Ukrainian roads and streets of gaily colored running "King Longhi," Shao Lini " "Yutongi" and others of that ilk. Some of them, however, already "Chinese" can be called with difficulty: buses under the brand name "Yutong" already collected in Lutsk. On the other hand, buses, which produces "AntoRus" are suspiciously Chinese appearance. 

Some Chinese manufacturers supply to Ukraine and the medium-and long-haul airliners. For example, 45 local "Yuton-gi" already cruising on regular routes in the capital city of Nikolayev and Severodonetsk. Can be found on our roads and "Halves" - middle-distance bus charter passen-zhirovmestimostyu 22-27 seats. Some tourism companies have started use of such technology to transport groups of tourists. 

Unfortunately, the use of Chinese buses for the tourist industry also looks very prosperous. Mainly because these machines are relatively short service life due to some structural failures. Most 
encountered such problems: 
small section of wiring, when overloaded, out of order;
soft metal;
meet single window;
problems with the supply of spare parts;
weak body.

Quality of local roads these parameters does not improve - quite the contrary. Thus, the projected time Services such "Chinese", with intensive use will be 3, on the strength of 4 years. So come to think of an old Japanese proverb: 

"We are not rich enough to buy cheap things" ... In addition, many models of Chinese buses have a complaint and have specialized structures of Ministry of Transport - in the words of one of the leaders of SOEs "GosavtotransNIIproekt, many of them do not meet requirements of active, passive and environmental safety of transportation. 

Exhibitions: nothing but frustration

Traditionally Ukrainian passenger carriers, and thus the tour operators, high hopes for specialized automobile exhibition. For example, SIA. However, the SIA-2008 tour operators nothing but disappointment, did not bring: 

segment of the tourist buses had been submitted. as much an instance of the Chinese "King Long". Despite the gloss and good information support, the overall impression was a sort of lonely. Surely among tour operators and passengers Carriers no demand for this class of buses? Believe it is rather difficult. Perhaps, the producers simply "given up" on Ukrainian market? This assumption is more likely, but, in our opinion, too far from the truth. However, in automotive circles circulating rumors that the organizers of the International Motor Show SIA simply increased the prohibitive cost of display area, resulting in the attractiveness of participation for the producers of automotive vehicles and trailers sharply decreased. Figuring out how these assumptions correspond to the truth goes beyond the purpose of this article. But be that as it may be, domestic tourism operators SIA-2008 is not brought nothing but disappointment. 

Market buses, including the tourist class in Ukraine so emok that it would be rational to separate exhibition on just this type of transport. Moreover, the experience of organizing such events have been: in March 2004 Kiev with stunning success has passed the first and, alas, the only exhibition "Bus-2004. Its ideological inspiration and organizer made by Ministry of Transport, headed by the then Minister Georgy Kirpa, which, among other things, promised conduct such activities on a regular basis - every six months. Alas, in recent days, the same year George Kirpa died tragically - and together with it sank into oblivion and specialized bus exhibition.

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