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Offers domestic automobile

Offers domestic automobile 

Today in Ukraine, four major carmakers producing passenger buses. It concerns "Bogdan" and "Etalon", Kherson Plant of Al-torus "and, of course, LAZ. In addition, there are several small industries, specializing in the manufacture, or rather, the assembly of buses, such as Galicia in Lviv Automobile Plant, or "Root" in the Donbass. 

Concerns "Bogdan" and "Etalon" from time to time attempting to market a domestic version of the tourist average bus passen-zhirovmestimosti (up to 30 seats). These attempts, however, did not enjoy very successful, mainly because that "Bogdan", and "Etalon" are making their buses on truck chassis. This means that such machines are not provided, example, pneumatic suspension - absolutely necessary element for a relatively comfortable transportation of passengers on domestic roads. 

However, such buses in Ukraine are quite widely distributed, including for transport and tourist groups. But full tourist transport them, no doubt, can not be named. Kherson plant AntoRus "in the near future to produce transportation for tourists do not intend to. Its leaders focused on the production of buses of small and medium passenger capacity for urban and suburban transport. But Several years ago, Kherson manufacturer attempted to cooperate with the Polish plant «Autosan» and produce medium-range airliner, fit to serve groups of tourists, and even presented a sample of such a machine on one show SIA. But this attempt failed. Lviv Automobile Plant produces haul liner NeoLAZ " as well as tourist "Liner-9" and "Liner-12". "Liner-9, however, probably can be attributed to the coaches average range (ie 300-400 km) than to the tourist. However, the number of such machines in Ukraine is insignificant, mainly because 
small-capacity production line: their main power LAZ reoriented on production of city buses and trolleybuses. The same can be said about "NeoLAZe": today it is released under the order, ie, one by one. 

As for the small producers, they specialize in large-assembly of buses mainly small (ie,up to 22 seats) class on the basis of truck chassis, and in the future to market tourism technology do not plan to go. 

Improvement of freight transport

In situations where the importation of modern tourist buses artificially constrained by high tariffs and taxes domestic auto industry as appropriate proposals, no, many carriers and tour operators have to use reconstructed from the cargo transport. Domestic legislation does not prohibit such transactions: for example, Art. 32 of the Law of Ukraine Pro dorozhnsh Rukh "allows conversion of trucks to bus charter. Procedure itself, the alteration, as well as limitations of these operations is governed by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers № 1388 from 7.09.1998, the "Pro-tverdzhennya rules for dominant! reestratsp is the appearance avtomobshv, avtobuav and Sjá einnig self-propelled machines skonstruyovanih on Schaa avtomobshv, mototsiyuiv VAX tishv, marks the model, pricheshv, nashvpricheshv ta sidecars. " 

However, for the tourist traffic of such vehicles may have only limited application. First, the reconstructed mostly buses of small class. However, there is this rule and exceptions: for example, ubiquitous on our roads "Mercedes Sprinter", and and its close "relatives" such as "Iveco Turbo Daily, Ford Transit" or "Volkswagen LT» can be converted so that in the interior fit up to 20 passengers (some craftsmen managed to put in the lounge and 27 passenger seats). But such "Seal" can only occur at the expense of comfort for passengers: seats are placed close to each other, make narrower etc. 

In addition, the use of the converted transport for tourist traffic has dubious future still in legal terms. Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers with the filing Mintran-ssvyazi has been attempting to significantly restrict the use of carriers, and hence the tour operators, such transport. So, last fall the decision Cabinet had approved the new Regulation on the transport of passengers by road. One of their points straight sets a ban on the carriage of passengers ex-trucks. Execution of this item was suspended after massive protests carriers earlier this year. Nevertheless, the Transport Ministry, guided by concern for the safety of passenger transportation, not to try to remove converted from domestic road transport. While speaking on justice, professionally converted to 
a repair plant "Sprinter" for comfort, as well as "soft" course has significant advantages over, say, "The standard in the tourism performance.

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