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Where are you, a tourist bus?


Where are you, a tourist bus?

Bus travel as a mass transport

Ukraine has enormous tourism potential: because eventful year history, the presence of significant number of historical monuments and cultural attractions, our country has much to offer to both foreign and its citizens. 

However, modern tourists are quite demanding clients, and for a substantial increase in tourism streams in the state must be created an infrastructure which consists of many components. One 

- Transportation: tourists must be delivered to the residence from the airport (railway station or sea), and evendirectly from their country of residence. And already from hotels, holiday camps, camping, sports camps, etc. - to places of recreation and ttractions. This process must meet several requirements, in the first place - to comfort and safety transport. 

Typically, such a transfer is carried out with the help of tourist class bus charter, ie, specially equipped to transport this category of passengers. The massive use of buses in the tourism industry due to several factors: 

autonomy (the bus is less than other modes of transport depends on external infrastructure), relative affordability for entrepreneur, mobility. Modern technologies of automobile made possible the emergence of long-haul airliners, capable of safely and with a sufficiently high level of comfort to transport tourists to the distance of a few thousand kilometers. 

Frozen in the "Middle Ages"

If most of the Ukrainian tourist infrastructure still developing - for example, there are new, modern Hotels and B & Bs, tourist services, market participants are adopting modern methods of training, the situation with motor providing travel companies except as deplorable, can not be named. After all, in a country that proudly calls itself of European, tourists should not go for 25-year-old "Ikarus"! Nevertheless, such a picture is often possible to observe the entire country, including in Kiev. It is clear that a foreign tourist, having experienced such a dubious comfort, is unlikely to get pleasure of the tour, therefore, once again will not come to our country. Yes, and a citizen of Ukraine several times think, but worth it go on an excursion to the "Ikarus" or something like that ... 

At the same time, modern tourist buses on the streets of the capital and major tourist centers of the country though occur, but not as often as they could. The same pattern and in the Crimea: although the tourist flow to the peninsula is stable increases, we can not say the same about the respective coaches. There is a lack of modern transport services for tourists and Odessa - a situation all the more unnatural, since in recent years more and more foreign cruise companies are planning visits their ships in this city. As far as the Carpathians, there modern buses transport tourists are extremely rare - not in least because of the quality of roads in the mountains. The local entrepreneurs are few with a modern fleet prefer to use it for transportation of passengers and tourist groups abroad, in the mountains, such as sending buses to exceptional cases. Not least because, after such flights liner must be put on a pretty major repairs. 

Not developing at the pace and direction of domestic tourism, as tours of the day - today among the citizens of Ukraine, Yes and adjacent territories of neighboring countries who want to go on such tours are much more than they can offer. The reason is same - lack of rolling stock necessary klassnosti and comfort. 

This situation is largely attributable to the state of the domestic automobile industry, as well as the current legislation. If the first, with rare exceptions, tourist class buses do not produce, then the second, we can say frozen in a kind of Middle Ages: a variety of taxes, duties and excise duties for the import of modern passenger vehicles, and, therefore, adapted for the carriage of tourists are indeed draconian - rastamazhi-Wai's "bus, entrepreneur to pay up to 60% of its value invoysnoy budget. These rules have remained unchanged since the Soviet period and today 
contrary to common sense: after all, the essence of high duties and excise duties is to protect domestic producers from competition from imports. However, to protect our country ... in fact nobody In the current situation, when the market tourist traffic there is an acute shortage of tourist buses all classes - from 10 to 60 and even 70 local - Ukrainian market participants are forced to use to transport tourists that the market offers. A He, in turn, a variety of domestic tour operators do not indulge. In fact, entrepreneurs have to choose from 3-x possibilities: to use a converted transport, use proposals domestic automobile industry, as well as ubiquitous Chinese.

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