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Why buy a bus

Why buy a bus 

In this article we will talk about how to start a business in the market pasazhiroperevozok. Order bus service is very popular at this moment. Why do not you take this? The prospects of this business are obvious. Buses used for excursions, holidays, transportation of children. If you will analyze the demand for various services at different times of the year this will increase your 
competitiveness in the market. If you need some statistics, then that's the figures: in Ukraine and Russia the number of traffic increased by 30% and 25% respectively for the year. Now we can say with confidence that the market is growing, and your presence there would be claimed. 

But where do we start? Like any other business, "bus" poses many challenges, especially during its creation. In this article we consider the purchase of a bus, you are going to earn. Of course, the bus would like to buy a new brand and a decent, but the money not enough, but to pull that amount from the purse of no desire and opportunity, and in some cases it is simply not reasonable. Therefore there is the issue of attracting funds from outside. There are various options: to take another, take a loan or lease. There is, thoughtful on credit and leasing. For a start, let's understand what "credit" and that such a "lease"? 

Credit is a financial service that is provided by the bank when it issues a certain amount of money to his client, who First, dispose of this amount by a certain order, agreed with the bank, and, secondly, to return the loan amount plus stipulated in the contract interest rate on the loan. So write dictionaries. But than we may face? There are many different banks have each with its own terms, interest, fees, but let's examine and analyze the most common options. 

What subtlety can be the choice of different types of car loans?
Installment. Payment is by parts.
Factoring option. Home provides the client an opportunity to buy a bus charter in installments. The Borrower shall pay to interior of the car's value, and the remaining amount paid in installments to the bank. Disadvantages of such a program: a large initial contribution - 30-50%, a small period of credit - only 1-3 years, the fee for credit more common, usually in 1,5 times more expensive car insurance at 3-5%. 
Express auto loans. The client chooses liked his car and asks the bank. He considers it to be over several hours and make a decision. Disadvantage: high interest rates (up to 28% per annum), as the bank has increased risks. 
Program buy-back. This program allows you to defer repayment of up to 50% of the loan until the end of the loan period. Which loan you choose - decide. Look at all the proposals and determine the more advantageous. What is leasing? Word "Leasing" is borrowed from the English language. The basis of the English «leasing», in turn, became «lease», which means "rent". 

There are different types of leasing and model leasing contracts and legal rules that govern leasing transactions. What we have to choose the terms of payback, and this is the operational and financial leasing. If you are determined with the method buying a bus, then proceed to the second step the organization of your work. And remember, rent a bus - a service to the organization which may require a lot of time and effort. Make a plan of work and Follow him and you will always succeed.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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