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We go, go go

We go, go go 

Even a homebody sometimes love to travel, though, just looking at the television. But this is, in general, not bad. What Speaking of those who always something beckons somewhere. Sometimes it is simply impossible to resist, so want to give up on all the city concerns and grievances, and dart away from the smog and gasoline exhaust somewhere in nature, and not just a savage, but in a comfortable place where you can live almost in the city, but only among the forests and fields. But still would like to avoid monotony, the change impressions, that is, to be present at the exit of the city. Such are the complex queries. Although all of our time possible, including comfortable journey in virtually housing conditions, so even at a good speed, and without limitation in mobility or patency. 

All you need to do is to buy any American dream - to order a bus in a home on wheels, that is converted under the original trailer with the motor and control. In fact, you can and rent. Or better yet, find and buy old bus (the main thing is to frame and wheels were intact), then turn key to remake it in the auto. And get great villa on the chassis of a powerful bus. Naturally, the size of the mobile camping will depend on how large was bus before conversion. The shop will be able to throw a maximum of 2 meters square. This is due to lengthening of the bonnet bus, ie 
welding the rear of a small sheet metal and elongation of the ceiling and walls of the cabin. 

Incidentally, it is usually done behind a toilet (as a rule, it is a bio-toilet) and shower room. Somewhere there might be and kitchen, since the whole front of the salon is always busy residential premises. And residential meters - multi-purpose. Furniture folding, with long-term view to comfortable sofas along the walls were turned into an equally comfortable couches. Tables at the same time may be cumulative placed near the walls, but could be and part of the beds, many design options. 

Buses from dwelling in the cabin can vary the price is the number of beds. That is, the more people able to fit the hospitable walls of the mobile giving, the more expensive the construction will cost. Beds can be located as along the walls, and then the man does not fit very much, as much as would the length of the residential part of the bus charter. Either can folding beds, shelves, as in trains, then it will be possible to accommodate more tenants. It happens and this option when on the seat driver may be placed in some sort of loft, that is a broad shelf, where the bed will be located on one or two man. During the day there may well be played by children, it will be a kind of alcove seating for games, very cozy and a little bit like a "house in a tree ", in which so kids like to sit. 

So, with all the obvious places, with bathrooms - also remains to find out where food is stored and rental bus will be a foregone conclusion. It very important question, because I'm hungry for some reason, every day, but still at least three times. And manufacturers of similar houses decide on wheels with a kitchen uniquely. First of all, the kitchen can be located closer to the back of the bus, and in its middle, directly next to the residential sector. Undeveloped, it is always very convenient - stove, cupboards and those products that should always be at hand. At the same sex sometimes do hatch, which covers part of the luggage compartment under the bus, separated specifically for food, that is, as if the cellar for storing vegetables and canned goods. For perishable products are usually installed a small refrigerator. In general, in a house can safely make a trip around the world, with all facilities.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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