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Some history

Some history 

The first in the world, the bus was manufactured in 1801, Richard Trevitik. Presentation of such an innovation was December 24 in England. Steam engine - the basis of this machine, which can carry 8 passengers. In London, the first buses appeared in 1886. They could go with an average speed of 11,3 km / h. The first Russian electric buses were launched in 1901 at Moscow factory "Dux". New machines in Moscow were 10-seater, can reach speeds of up to 20 km / h. Cruising from them was about 60 km. With this time the order came as the bus charter concept. In 1893 the Germans launched the first bus to the internal combustion engine. 

Capacity it was not more than 8 people. The bus traveled 18 km Thrace. Factory "Frese" was first released the bus on the streets of Russia, in St. - Petersburg. He had an open box. Capacity to -10 People. On the bus was set-cylinder engine, whose power was 10 liters. with. The maximum attainable speed of at car was 15 km / hr. 

The world's first city bus with a modern engine went out on route 12 April 1903 in London. Russia's buses for urban population appeared in 1901. It was a bus Deutschmark NAG. It can seat 22 passengers and the whole weighed 6 tons. 

Engine power was 26 liters. with. In Moscow, the first bus service was opened on August 12, 1908, and constantly razvozchiki started functioning with only 8 August 1924, when the first regular route between Kalanchevskaia Square and Tverskaya Zastava reached 9 buses "Leyland". 

At present, we can not imagine any one city or one country, no buses plying on them. Buses manufactured or are nearly half the countries on earth, so great they need. Russian, Chinese, Korean buses can be found in any city. There is the following classification of carriers: 
shift (expeditionary);
ATVs, urban, cargo (cargo);
Club (office);
Intercity (airfield);
suburban, ritual, local messages, sleeping, tropical;
mines (underground);

The most famous coaches in our time is the Mercedes-Benz (EvoBus), buses MAN, Scania, Volvo, Van Hool and others. The territory former Soviet Union were the most popular LIAZ (OOO Likinski bus "), PAZ, Volzhanin, NefAZ (Russia) MAZ (Belarus), LAZ (Ukraine). 

To date, rent a bus is a popular service. She has an interest not only to legal entities, but also people who wish to hold a grand celebration or event. Automotive service market has developed over decades. Now, instead of buses on a steam engine ride through the streets of fast, convenient carriers, with which you can always reach desired location. The speed of modern buses can reach 100 km / hour. They can travel far more miles than old model of 19 century. Bus manufacturers in the market of Russia is not much, but they are able to fully provide the country data transport. Every player in the market seek to update their models. Each year, the comfort and safety of buses increases.

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