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Bus Tours in Florida

bus chartersFlorida - U.S. state capital - Tallahasi. Placed on a long peninsula between the eponymous Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring states - Alabama, Georgia. The island - 170 451 sq. km. km, population - 15,982,378 persons. Most big cities - Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville.

In Florida's three official nicknames: Sunshine State, Orange State, the State Gators. Indeed, clear denechki, citrus and reptiles here more than anywhere else in the United States.
In Florida, there are attractions across America: Disneyland Park Everglades, where alligators live, herons, cranes, pelicans, deer, cougars, Cape Canaveral, with which "shuttles" fly in space.

Miami - the largest city in the continental part of the state and its nearest neighbor, a suburb of Miami Beach - the most luxurious resort. There are four particularly famous and popular places. 1. Art Deco District - the architectural complex in the modern style of the 800 buildings that were built in the 20-30s of the twentieth century. 2. "Little Havana" - a bright and noisy Cuban quarter. 3. South Beach - a luxury quarter with villas Stallone, Madonna, Cher and other U.S. super-old. 4. Ocean Drive - the promenade and beaches more than 40 km from the magnificent sand.

Life is always raging in Florida! Whether it is summer, winter, day or night. Then a huge number of restaurants, shops, mass street musicians. More on Ocean Drive are 20 tattoo parlors. Periodically, they arrange for holidaymakers, tourists show and seminars.

But the best holiday in the Sunshine State on the islands. All are connected by a chain of bridges. Longest Bridge - 11.5 km. Completes the chain of island Key West. In the past, the inhabitants of this island, hunted by looting took place, and Grounded ships. It's even been officially authorized by the authorities, provided life-saving victims.

A famous writer Hemingway lived on the island is Key West. Therefore, the main attraction here - it's Hemingway House Museum. The main time transmission of tourists on the island - a lazy beach holiday. Holidaymakers sunbathe, swim, scuba dive, collect remaining after low tide the sea souvenirs (a variety of sponges on the Atlantic coast, starfish and shells - to the Gulf of Mexico), spend time in restaurants, cafes, dancing in the beach clubs and discos.

In the evening there is Florida residents a ritual - they're watching the sunset. Mallory wharf - a gathering place judges of beauty. When the sun disappears into the ocean, the people moved to the street Duvall, dine and be entertained. One end of the street is limited in the Gulf of Mexico, the other - in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fact that the must-see, do and taste during a visit to Florida:
1.Akvarium in Miami. And the children, and parents makes a huge impression as an aquarium with a nice colorful underwater fauna and the dolphin show, sea turtles, sharks and killer whales.
2.Dom Hemingway. It is situated on the island of Key West. Now lives in a villa offspring pet-cat Hemingway, about 50 pieces. Some of them even steal periodically lost their heads with delight tourists.
3.Pirog with lime. This is a signature dish Orange State. Usually bought him fresh fruit. In Florida and in the islands is dominated by Mexican and Cuban restaurants. Here you can find them most often.

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