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Bus trip to Los Angeles

bus charterRaskniuvshis among the deserts and steppes of California, on the Pacific coast, a city of 4 million people, attracts more and more the dreamers and adventurers. Los Angeles - the second largest U.S. city and the cradle of American cinema. Shumy, bright, a bit chaotic and unforgettable. The city of angels, and eternal summer, more like a city of sin ... What he really is and what is its charm?

One has only to be on the streets of this metropolis, which udivlyaeshya first - it's crazy colors and architecture. Los Angeles is so bright that dazzles even in the daytime. And thanks to the almost complete lack of skyscrapers, its streets during the day filled with sunshine. It is impossible not to enjoy life, especially when you find yourself in the busiest central neighborhoods. It is impossible not to be surprised, looking from side to side.

Los Angeles, like any city is divided into several districts, each with its mood, its architecture and its attractions. The most famous area of ??Los Angeles, who is obliged to visit every tourist - this is Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. What is remarkable about them? Let's start with each order.

When we hear the word "Hollywood" in our heads pop up images of bright, beautiful and luxurious place where you can meet the streets of celebrities. In fact, this confusion all those who have never been there. Hollywood is one of the poorest areas of the city. Zdesprozhivayut immigrants from all corners of the globe, but you'll find most Spaniards and immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Celebrities rare guests here, unless you planned to award "Oscar" or any festival. But the tourists galore. Here they attract a lot of places for entertainment and recreation. In the heart of Hollywood are gift shops, wax museums, the famous cinema Kodak, Chinese theater, a large shopping center, as well as all the famous avenue of the stars. However, from the last sights you should not expect too much. Avenue of Stars - this is just a few blocks from the pink marble stars under their feet, replaces the conventional pavement. On each of them with golden letters the names of celebrities are shown. Most of them you will hardly ever met before, their initials nothing they say. But if you carefully grasp the meaning of the inscription on each star, then sooner or later you'll be lucky to find someone really familiar. For pink stars carefully monitored: passing along the streets you can see a man who carefully with a cloth bends over each of them and rubbed to a shine. However, his efforts hardly make central districts of Hollywood's more presentable.

Having studied Hollywood, you can go to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, located in Santa Monica. Clean, golden sand, palm trees and huge waves of the Pacific Ocean. Those who prefer active recreation can play beach volleyball or try to ride a surfboard. California is the capital of surfing, so when the waves reach several meters, and the weather is cool and windy, you can see dozens of surfers in the ocean. Fans just splash in the salt water will be pleasantly surprised by its temperature. In sunny weather, the Pacific Ocean warm-up, reminiscent of the Black Sea is warm, which distinguishes it from the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Sunbathing and taste the Pacific waters, you can go to Disneyland. This place is just perfect for those who choose to come to Los Angeles as a family. Rides, carousels, Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. Children will love, once in this fabulous country. Disney left a lot of impressions, and not only the youngest visitors. Even grown-ups, plunged into the atmosphere of this fabulous cartoon for a while and feel children will experience the true joy of children. Tickets to Disneyland can be purchased on the day, two or three. It all depends on how much time you want to spend in the park and how many times to return. Some families buy subscriptions for the year to come here regularly. For example, over the weekend.

After Disneyland, if there are still forces for the thrill, you can learn about the history of cinema and allow yourself some time to be a hero of your favorite Hollywood movies. Universal Studio in Los Angela - this is the place where many are engaged in production of films and theme park attractions. But the attractions are unusual. All of them are devoted to this or that famous Hollywood film. For example, you can become a hero of the movie "Jurassic Park" and a fast ride in a car through the jungle, escape from the huge dinosaur or get a real waterfall that you doused with water from head to toe. Attractions in Universal Studio is not for the faint hearted, but their counterparts anywhere in the world.

At a farewell to a wonderful city you can go to Beferli Hills. This is where all the celebrities live. Ordering a tour of this area of ??Los Angeles you can find a guide on the amazing stories about the life of millionaires and the "stars". Can look at the richest mansions and find out where your pets live and idols. You will be able to even stand a few steps away from the houses of the greatest actors and singers. You will understand how living the American rich and is it really so their houses are luxurious, what they show on TV.

And that's not all places are worth seeing, arrived in this fabulous, mad and crazy city. But be careful: he pulls a quagmire. And plunging headlong into its unique atmosphere, you may not be able to get back. No wonder they say: who comes to Los Angeles once, stay there forever.
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