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Bus Tours of the Grand Canyon, glaciers of Alaska, Great Smoky Mountains, Skunk Train (California)

busGrand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S., a journey to which is a very interesting adventure. Vintage trains run each day from the town of Williams (Arkansas) and up to the Grand Canyon.

Two hours and fifteen minute trip to the southern edge of the canyon and back you will be seduced by spectacular scenery and beauty of nature. And do not worry about the convenience of the train: every car made ??in the classic style of the 1950s, has air conditioning, a must in the prevailing heat.

Only one thing can be the cause of your dissatisfaction - it's not a long stay in the National Park, three hours on the examination of the immense wonder of nature is unlikely to arrange inveterate adventurers. Couples and more indifferent to tourists tours are offered here by train on the railroad canyon.

glaciers of Alaska

Waterfalls, glaciers, and black bears are only a small part of the unique nature of the north, which can be viewed while traveling on tourist train. Leaving from Anchorage, toward the tiny town of Whittier in Portage, you will surely notice the beautiful Kenai Peninsula in southern Alaska, extending from its colorful alpine meadows and wild flowers, nestled close to the eternal glaciers.

The railway is laid along the river Turnageyn, which flows next to the National Chugach Mountains forest. By train you will get the tour guide who will tell a lot about the geology of Alaska, the history of the railway, and, most interesting show places where you can watch the American moose, bears and various birds. Train on the eternal ice of Alaska operates only from mid-May to mid-September.

Great Smoky Mountains

Traveling by train through the national park in the Big Smoke and Blue Ridge mountains of Appalachia begins from the old depot Bryson City and continues through 25 bridges, two tunnels and vast valleys.
Do not worry if suddenly you have a deja vu while traveling to places where they filmed movies, "My dear Americans" with Jack Lemmon and "Forces of Nature" with Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock.
To see all around better, offer a ride in the 'open' car, where you will not prevent anyone to shoot the famous landscape with trees and mountains.

Skunk Train (California)

Towering mammoth trees, deer, drinking from the Noyo River, and fishing cabins - just a few of the reasons why you need to ride on an authentic steam engine train with.
The purpose of construction of the railway Skunk Train was originally transported large logs of wood through the Mammoth Mendocino scenic areas in Northern California. To date, the iron path and go down the coast, along the Pudding Creek and the Noyo River, and then run through the winding paths in fairy forests of mammoth trees.

Travelers can go from the port or Bragg Norspur to pass through small tunnels and bridges into the interior of the mysterious red forest, filled with a special silence.

"Lake Shore Limited"

Being the most exciting journey by train, the trip takes place in areas of Chicago and New York. A railroad runs through the most enchanting beauty of the nature of America, including the shore of Lake Michigan, Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, as well as the southern shore of Lake Erie.

The trip by train in particular will appeal to those who want to experience life and the beauty of American cities. The train has a restaurant car, car to rest and sleep: You will not suffer from boredom, as the places where you can travel by train enough. However, we advise to bring along some food to eat, because such a pleasure to "Lake Shore Limited" can be quite expensive.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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