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Bus travel to U.S. cities

bus chartersBus charter in New York City.
It is famous for its skyscrapers, business centers, busy streets, expensive shops and restaurants. There is also a famous landmark and America's Statue of Liberty. A gift from France in 1884, the Statue as a symbol of the United States, which embodies the freedom and greater opportunities in the country. Liberty is depicted as a woman in elegant robes, carrying a torch. On her head a crown with seven teeth, signifying the seven seas and seven continents. In New York you can climb the skyscrapers - many of them are equipped with special viewing platforms, walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, which affects its size, the rest in Central Park, around which are homes of famous people, and at the Metropolitan Museum you can see the entire ancient Egyptian temple. and if you are traveling with children, the Central Zoo in New York - a place that is really worth a visit. The most interesting part of the zoo - this is an exhibition entitled "The World of the jungle". In addition to monkeys, colorful birds and other animals, there are even the smallest inhabitants of the jungle - ants, dragonflies and other fun insects. The zoo can be seen everywhere comfortable benches on which you can both relax and watch the animals.

Bus charters in the city of Washington.
U.S. Capital, Washington is known for its museums and art galleries. Here is the Smithsonian Institution - the world's largest complex, which includes 14 museums and representing about 100 million items. This and the Museum of History and National Art Gallery and Art Gallery, and Museum of Natural History and many other galleries. The building is the first museum of a large complex, known as the Castle, was built in Norman style, and developed it, James Renwick, architect of the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Castle building was completed in 1855 and originally housed therein all collections of art, science and research laboratories. Today, Smithsonian Institution - is not only a complex of museums, but also an extensive research center and educational institution.

Bus charter in the city of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles - a rapidly growing due to immigration and ethnically diverse city. At its north-western part is Hollywood - the famous center of show business, television and film industry. On the main streets such as Sunset and Hollywood boulevards are restaurants, nightclubs, radio studios. The huge stadium - Amphitheatre (Hollywood Bowl) assembles numerous performances and concerts of guests from different countries. To the south of Los Angeles is Disneyland - a theme park, a place for the whole family. Here you will find fascinating walks in the surroundings with a special card, and meetings with cartoon characters, unique attractions, a colorful evening show on the water and parades. Disneyland is divided into several "worlds", "Adventure World", "Country Discoveries," "Dream World", "World Frontier", "Main Street", "The World of Tomorrow." Travel from one "country" to another may be on a locomotive, a route which passes through the picturesque lagoons, hills, valleys. In Disneyland, you can enter the world of Indiana Jones to fight pirates and go through waterfalls, fly with Peter Penn, go to the intergalactic adventure, and enjoy the evening fireworks. Many attractions, such as "Star Wars" create the illusion of presence on board the ship, racing and space battles. Disneyland - it's not just an amusement park, brilliant carnivals, parades, shows and fun memorable performances, but also the whole complex of hotels with restaurants, swimming pools, gyms.

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