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Bus Tours in Miami

charter busThe ideal time to vacation in Miami begins in late December and lasts until late April. During this period, the resort is not too hot, no rain and the water temperature rises to +25 ° C. And in the months to come resorts of Florida the largest number of tourists. From June to October in Miami too hot (+40 ° C) and humid, but the cost of living in hotels because of the uncomfortable weather drops by almost half.

Concentrated on the coast of Miami the best hotels, accommodation in a season which is not cheap, but if you want you can find a room with a very affordable cost. As worldwide hotel on the first line - the most expensive, and rooms with views of the ocean are traditionally considered to be elite. The farther from the coastline, the cheaper. And on the outskirts of Miami in a roadside motel room can be removed for 15-20 dollars, without any frills, overlooking the parking lot.

Grand Miami - this is, in fact, Miami and Miami Beach, as well as several smaller towns within the infrastructure of the resort coast. Everything here is "enchanted" by the elite of tours, since the vast majority of tourists come here just for this purpose, the beaches of Miami, sand with small shells and broken coral. Everywhere along the coast you can see the tower rescuers who always on the alert and clearly doing their job.

Book a bus charters with a place at a hotel in Miami may be on the Internet site mayflowersbuscharters.com, or order by phone 718-253-4512.

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