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What are the golden rules of the bus tour? Training

What are the golden rules of the bus charters tour? Training

When you first met in a bus tour, a good starting point would be to determine the preferences: where you want it now. In continuation of - the possibilities: that I can afford now to let. Find the middle ground and start monitoring offers tour operators. Their Internet is full, you need a little patience.

If you are going abroad for the first time, that is your passport pristine, has not threatened to do, which is necessary to issue visas to the UK and Germany. Get a visa to these countries is extremely difficult, and lack of Schengen visas in your passport might encourage the embassy employees to refuse a visa, if your account has insufficient funds, if you have no property, if you get a high salary is not enough if you're not a member of a Marriage and going alone, finally.

All of the above does not mean that you do not get to Germany with a clean passport. Most of the tours combine several countries at once, from three to fifteen. In Germany it's best to get through the Czech Republic and Poland, and the visas are issued here very easily. Therefore, under "Documents" you have chosen the tour, if you book through the website or the manager in the direction with which you work, check what visa will be kept. Perhaps for the first trip manager will offer you a similar tour for which you need a visa to the country with a more loyal to the consular requirements.

Tours vary not only cost but also on the starting cities. Choose the one that is more convenient to you, rather than travel agency. Perhaps there are groups who will start from your neighbor or your region, and there is no need to fly to the capital or Peter. Perhaps you go on a direct train to Brest, fly to Minsk, Warsaw and Istanbul, and so on ... Do not be afraid to connect with a group where it is more convenient to you. Savings on rail tickets will be up to one hundred euros.

Ideally, if a travel agency located in your town. If this capital or St. Petersburg's travel agency, ask if whether she had authorized the agency or branch in your city. This means that by paying the tour, you will receive at the hands of a contract, permit and other necessary documents, as they say in their own homes. At any time you can come to the office to consult with their manager for direction, if necessary, inform or correct any documents necessary for obtaining a visa.

In addition, the obligation to send documents to the head office will take over the agency - for a small, about 10-15 euros, the amount. In addition, the travel agent earns a percentage of the sale of the tour, so do one's will come out, but will do everything to make your trip was. For example, at the slightest threat of shortage, and hence his own recognizance, will warn you and offer a lot of options for rebooking. And if you (God forbid, of course) will claim the quality of services will bring you to the place of purchase of the tour, that is firm in your city or region.

Schedule of tours usually standard: the group to travel abroad for the weekend. Most often - on Saturdays. Sometimes the tours start every week, but some - once a month. If you like your chosen tour operator tour inconvenient for you to date, do not hurry perebronirovat it. Perhaps you can find similar or like the other travel agencies.

It is also important to remember about the reliability of the selected tour operator. In order not to stay at home without tickets and vouchers, paying full tour, check to see if the company with which you are going to cooperate, the black list. This is easily done on the Internet, is only a search engine to type in the phrase: "a black list of Russian travel agencies.

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