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What are the golden rules of the bus tour? Savings

What are the golden rules of the bus charters tour? Savings

The modern economic model of relations between the client and the tour agency requires a flexible system of discounts. The most common discount is available to all - for early booking and may reach 15 to 40 euros depending on the base tour price. Early booking is usually made for a half or two months before the departure of the tour. Many travel companies offer discounts for regular clients, which are summed with other discount on the shares. This means that for the second trip will cost you 10-15 euros cheaper cost base.

Also, watch for the shares. During the crisis, travel companies compete for customers through a system of bonuses and rewards. For example, a book by a certain date you are free to provide additional excursion (save up to 20 euros), a discount airline or railroad crossing, the guarantee payment on his own recognizance as a gift.

On the guarantee fees to talk separately. This amount, usually not exceeding 15 euros. Guaranteed payment - a sort of insurance against non-issuance of visas. Tourist companies also promise that you will return the money spent if you can not go abroad. And, back in the office, rather than through an insurance company. Convenient? Without a doubt.

If the rules of the refund to understand in detail, it becomes clear: the guarantee payment is required only if the first trip abroad when your passport is clean, and the Consulate may refuse a visa in case of doubt. In addition, hedging does not interfere when you want to leave the UK or Germany - the country where the most rigorous to date consular requirements. In other cases, without the guarantee of payment you can do, and on the saved money to afford one and sometimes two additional trips on the route.

Today, many travel companies offer book excursions at the office and not pay them on the bus. It is profitable travel agency (known number of tourists, and you can buy the group ticket in advance), and tourists (in the bus on the route cost of each trip to grow by 1-3 euros).

At certain departure date may be charged a seasonal fee. Typically, this peak days of the season for a country, coinciding with national holidays or major events make it difficult to book a cheap hotel rooms. If your goal - to save money, try to choose a date without seasonal surcharges and release the budgeted travel 20-40 euros.

Save as possible on the tickets. For example, the tour will start from Brest, a core group gets there from Moscow. From your city goes direct train to Brest? So why should you pay for a ticket to Moscow, and then - in Brest? The savings will be more than substantial and the order of 80-120 euros depending on whether you go in compartment, or second-class trains.

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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