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Individual bus tour of Europe. And then, and another - in one! Part2

Individual bus tour of Europe. And then, and another - in one!  Part2

By the way, the budget: how much of the road such tours. They may be different in price depending on the fullness and comfort. There are inexpensive travel. You just have to understand: the more expensive charter buses, the better, in the first place, hotels, their location and the more free time. If the hotel you only place where you can sleep and drink a cup of coffee in the morning - easily save, choose the route, built on the basis of two-or three-star hotels, located on the outskirts of cities. If you need a comfortable rest after a "working day", you want to be able to go somewhere at night and in the morning to have breakfast "Swedish table, choose the more expensive tour - and exclusive brand.
But it does not forget that the level of hotels in different countries at the same star-completely different. For example, after spending the night in a provincial German hotel 3 * tourists stop in Paris 3 * hotel and horrified: it is just incomparable! have deceived us! And actually in Paris or, for example, in Amsterdam Hotels 3 *, usually older, with the service easier, and in Germany, all hotels have a high standard.
Is there some other factors affecting the price and quality? Pay attention to the number of people in the group. Often the "cheap" operator fills in the bus nearly 50 people, and in a two-story and all 70 vtisnet due to what gets profitability. A tourist is losing precious time, waiting for the group will meet in the morning, bring up to the bus after the tour, or pass the keys to the hotel. Normal, "attributed to" group usually does not exceed 30 people: we understand that the most valuable thing a man can have a trip - it's his time, comfort and experience. Do not forget about the road. Tour with a railway crossing is cheaper by 20-30%, but the way lost a lot of time and before the trip is required to obtain transit visas. While many people choose railroad simply because they do not like to fly.
Travelling with children. Children - the most active and inquisitive travelers, they're just not tired and did not whimper, we just adore these tourists! Open them to the world, to acquire culture. European thinking, which is so necessary to modern young man, I am deeply convinced that begins from here?

Save money without sacrificing safety, comfort and service!
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