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Bus Neoplan Skyliner

Features of the lease of buses and minibuses
Bus rental demand in those cases, if you plan a corporate outing on the nature or the need to organize the delivery employees to the workplace. These buses as Mercedes, Neoplan, Ikarus accommodate a few dozen people and excellent cope with such a task.

In the journey - by bus
We all love traveling. Wherever we were directed - in a study tour on the outskirts of his native city in an Audi A3 or a distant exotic country by plane or boat - we are always interested to see new places, enjoy the unusual landscapes, learn something new, take a break from everyday life.

Where to rent a bus?
Cases where it may need to contact the transport company could be many. This festive event, when required to carry a lot of visitors, and travel apartment or office and a regular service employees. A possible city tour or collective outings.

Rent a bus vs bus purchase
Well, when the company's management thinks about creating comfortable conditions for their employees. This benefits both hand: slave receive an additional incentive to quality performance of their duties, and the head of reaping the fruits of such labor. In addition, it helps to shape the friendly atmosphere in the team.

Bus tours DSBW-tours: United Europe
Before the trip I read on the sites of a number of negative reviews on the organization of a company such as bus tours, but since I are arranged route, decided to go - and not pitied! Everything is so well organized, not a single failure on the program, meeting -- farewell, delivering documents to the airport, professional drivers, well knowing the route, settling in a nice hotel, etc.

Advice traveling bus tour
If you will be a long journey by bus, it is worth to him to prepare this well, then it will be convenient as much as possible. First of all, take care of comfortable clothes (this may be, for example, jogging suit) shoes and socks replacement.

Disadvantages bus tour
Travel in a dream like, perhaps, everything. Discovering new countries and cities, meet new people and new customs, taste new foods and beverages. And how romantic snow-white ship or airliner, zig dreamer in exciting journey!

Bus tour: go, do not go
Let us admit to ourselves that the best we rest - valyayas on the couch watching television while peacefully chewing something. These moments of our brains, as well as all the muscles in a state of languor and repose. Suddenly, always smiling Mikhail Kozhukhov starts with passion talk about overseas manner of life with a blue screen. All. We are ready to pack suitcases, to see for herself that showed us a movie camera.

Bus Tours: Tours distance
When a bus tour of Europe helped ordinary Soviet citizen to look behind the Iron Curtain. And now, they remain the most affordable option for foreign travel, although the embassies of European countries openly say that this kind of tourism is one of the channels of illegal immigration ...

Bus tours in Europe - a personal experience
Bus tours to Europe every year going through all the new and a new peak of his popularity. And even despite the fact that the European consulates in recent times not zhaluyut tourists avtobusnikov - extend the package of documents required for opening a Schengen visa, stretch the time frame for consideration of applications, tighten requirements and increase the number of failures, tour operators are rejoicing - the demand for bus tours only increases .

Bus tour - this class!
Bus tour - a unique opportunity to visit several countries during one trip. Bus tour? Hmm ... Some have expressed admiration for the rapid bus tours, bus tours seem to be another test of the severest. Who is right? As you know, the taste and different folks - everyone chooses what he liked. But even the most inveterate skeptics acknowledge that the bus tours to other types of recreation, there are two indisputable advantages - they are cheaper and more dynamic.

What should be taken into account when selecting a tourist bus tour?
Recently, bus tours are becoming increasingly popular, as they give tourists the opportunity during one trip visit the several States or travel to different regions of one country for a relatively low cost. There are two basic types of bus tours. First, when the tourists spend the night right on the bus. This is the most extreme variant, but also the cheapest. If you are ready to sleep sitting up, in the summer heat to dispense a few days without a shower and not be able to retire, to bring itself into order, then you can take a chance.

Bus tour
The greatest advantage is often a defining moment travel by bus - it is cheap. Cost of bus charter tour ranges from 150 USD up to 700 cu. But the price - a tricky thing. Do not immediately "buy" the cheapness of travel.

Bus tours in Europe: Pros and Cons
Bus tours in Europe - a relatively new form of tourism, which appeared only in 1972. Since then, many tourists appreciated the opportunity to travel by bus charter - bus tours in Europe are very popular. Traveling on buses have a number of features. This is a pretty specific mission, and they tend to collect, tourists with a similar temperament and family interests.

Bus transport in the U.S.
Geography of the mainland United States in its essence is simple, and it is easy to move overland. Excellent interstate highway (interstate highways), maintained in good condition, make the United States in many respects the country drivers. It can be argued that the journey on the road - this is the only way to see the real America. And if you travel by car you have no ability or desire, a trip on the bus charter can save you a lot of money.

The first thing that always impresses when choosing a bus tour or self-bus trip - a low price. If this tour, the first thing you should see what is included in the price. Typically, the cost includes: transportation, hotel accommodation and breakfast. Therefore, please note that for all excursions and meals you will pay yourself.

Bus tours. Ost-West
Having decided to travel to distant lands, we do not always find suitable companions among his entourage. Since one does not match a holiday, with other interests, but with the third party financial issue. And ready to go it alone is not everything, it is far more pleasant to share the joy of travel and new experiences with another person, and go to a company often simply safer, especially if you plan an independent tour or a trip to obscure our compatriots of the country.

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