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Going on a trip of any kind is always exciting unless you find yourself to be the one organizing it. New Jersey is a state full of wonderful places, but deciding on a route and finding the best value for money option can be quite challenging. You can tick one problem off the list in your planner by using Mayflower Bus Charters. We will help you with organizing the transfer.

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • We promote safety and security, all our buses are licensed and insured. Needless to say, all buses are well-maintained and check every time before a trip.
  • The drivers are certified professionals that comply with federal standards. They know their way around New Jersey, as well as other states.
  • It is more convenient to set up a transfer using a local bus charter NJ service.
  • Great value for money. You get a comfortable bus and professional services for a reasonable price.
  • A variety of services: sightseeing and overnight tours, airport transfers, school trips and corporate adventures.

Bus vs. Other Transport

If you are traveling alone or with a couple of people, getting to your destination by plane or driving there probably are great options. When traveling as a group, on the other hand, it is easier and cheaper to make arrangements for a bus.

There are a number of reasons why you might prefer a bus as opposed to a plane. The most obvious being that the place you want to visit might not have an airport. More remote locations, mountain towns, and villages can be reached only by driving.

Flying is associated with a lot of anxiety. Although flying is considered the safest way to travel, it is the waiting and great heights that keep the stress levels up. Moreover, you don’t save that much time. Think of how long it would take you to get to the airport and go through security on top of the flight time. That is almost the same time as boarding a bus and getting to your destination, but with a lot less hustle. Considering that on low-cost flights you need to be in the airport well before departure, you are not saving time at all.

Driving by car seems like a good option if you are afraid of flying. If there are more than four people in your group, deciding on who is driving with whom, making coordinated stops for a snack and the bathroom sometimes turns into a disaster. That is eliminated when you go for bus charter NJ services. Traveling all together is less stressful and more fun.

An underappreciated advantage of bus tours is being able to see the nature on your way from one city to another. Sure, planes can offer you a fantastic view from above, but the scenery along the routes is simply beautiful.

Safety and Security Over Anything Else

Our luxury coaches are regularly inspected and we hire only experienced drivers to offer you maximum security you can get on the road. We tend to think that safety is more important when there are children riding, but in reality it is a priority for us no matter who is on the bus.

As soon as you have decided where to go, contact our bus charter NJ service and book a trip.



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