Bus Tours to Bar Harbor, ME

Bus Tours to Bar Harbor, ME

Are you planning a summer vacation? Bored of sandy beaches with palm trees, but looking for a change of scenery and a warm place? If you are tired of the stuffy office environment, Bar Harbor is the right choice for you. Situated on Maine’s Mount Desert Island along the Frenchman Bay, Bar Harbor’s beaches are ringed with mountains and greenery. Order an overnight bus tour to start your vacation with comfort.

Awesome Activities for Your Vacation in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is one of the best places for hiking and cycling. Acadia National Park, for example, is a winner among tourists, with a 4.9 out of 5 reviews from over three thousand visitors. It has got everything you need for a good hike, from rocky shores to woodland. Acadia houses different forest and sea creatures, such as moose, seabird and whale. If you want to climb higher, the Cadillac Mountain is a popular summit in Maine. It’s also a perfect spot to catch the first rays of sunrise or stay late for the sunset. The mountain has different hiking trails, easier or harder depending on your experience level, and a paved road leading to the top, in case you just want to get to the top. If you’re here only for the sunrise or sunset, you drive or take a bike to the summit, although parking space is limited and you would need spare time to get through traffic when driving by car.

Cycling is another fun activity in Bar Harbor. There is a road that loops around half of the Acadia park, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape at your own speed, with picturesque stops such as Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond, and the Atlantic shores along the way. But you can take a number of routes, the view is magnificent anywhere you go.

Stock up on some food and water, and set off an adventure.

Get Your Vitamin D

If cycling and hiking is too much activity for you, there are numerous beaches along the coast of Bar Harbor. The Sand beach on the South-East coast is a popular destination. Ocean on one side, Acadia on the other and rocky shores all around, it’s a great place at any season. It is especially good in summer when you can catch as much sun as you need, get that vitamin D to up your mood. You can play ball or board games with your friends, take a nap or even hop in the water, all the while breathing in fresh, salty air that you can get only near the sea or ocean.

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