Bus Tours to Cape May, NJ

Bus Tours to Cape May, NJ

Cape May is a wonderful place if you want something more from your summer vacation than just laying around on the beach all day. Whether you would prefer a day on the beach or a whole week, we will help you plan a bus tour and bring you to the destination in comfort. Birding Festival, Food & Wine celebration, fishing tournament and Christmas parade held in Cape May are a great excuse for a weekend getaway. And if you want to fully enjoy your time in the sun, definitely spare more than a few days for this gorgeous place.

Oceanfront Vacation with a Side of Sightseeing

Along with the lovely ocean coast line, May Cape has a handful of interesting indoors and outdoors places to visit. For example, there is a Country Park & Zoo, a Lighthouse and Victorian style house turned museum called Emlen Physick Estate.

Undoubtedly, one of the best attractions of Cape May is Morey’s Piers. An old-fashioned 6-block amusement park on the beachfront, it offers numerous rides, arcade games, food trucks and cafes. The rides are always clean and secure, people just love spending time here every summer. Moreover, you can hop straight into the ocean after you’ve had your fun in the park.

If you are traveling with kids, you have got to visit the Zoo. It houses over 500 animals on 85 acres of land. There is no entry fee and it runs on donations, but the zoo is well kept and not too crowded. The two hours on average that people usually spend here will be well worth your while. Although it is better to come here right after the opening hours or later in the evening because animals usually sleep around noon.

There is a 360-degree viewing platform at the top of the Cape May Lighthouse that gives an overview of the whole place. Some people come here every year to climb it as a tradition, alone or with families. There’s a guide in the Lighthouse who can answer any questions you might have about the structure.

The Emlen Physick Estate offers a different perspective on your ordinary house-museum. The life inside the museum is a replica of the Victorian era lifestyle of the affluent society. Tourists like this place for authenticity, never changing exhibit and helpful guides that allow you to learn something new each time you visit.

And if you still have energy left at the end of the day, consider going to Gateway 26, which is a popular casino near Morey’s Piers. Try your luck at a couple of games and see where your night lead you.