Bus Tours to Historic Boston, MA

Bus Tours to Historic Boston, MA

Every town and city in the world has its own history, some with more input in world history than others. A lot of U.S. cities have been founded hundreds of years ago, offering tourists today an eclectic collection of architectural styles and structures that depict different eras. Boston was built at the end of the 17th century, but compared to the modern-day city it’s just the North part of downtown. Most of the old buildings that survived the test of time were built in the 1720s.

Historic Boston allures tourists with some of the oldest sights you will see in Massachusetts, such as the Old North Church, Paul Revere House, Faneuil Hall and others.

The Old North Church, founded in 1723, is still active and functions as a parish church. It is one of the oldest churches in the US and one of the first stop in sightseeing tours. You can order a guided tour around the church, to the bell ringing chamber, and burying grounds. The church also holds public events celebrating history and culture.

Beside the Old North is the Paul Revere House, built in 1680, that was once home to an American patriot. Today it is a museum that depicts architecture, interior design and lifestyle of Colonial-era USA. The house is relatively small but rich in history and the guides there have many interesting stories to share.

Further South, between the waterfront and Boston Government center, is the Faneuil Hall, which is arguably one of the most popular attractions in Historic Boston area. It has acted as a meeting place and market since its foundation in 1743, and still is a shopping mall with a number of stores and restaurants. The Hall is still a place for political shows and Massachusetts candidates debates. For all it’s modern vendors and lunch places, visitors like this place for its kept 18th-century vibe.

Of course, no visit to Historic Boston is complete without tasting the wonderful authentic Italian, Chinese, Thai and New England cuisine offered by the numerous restaurants scattered around the area. One of the most popular places is the Union Oyster House. The place serves New England style seafood since 1826.

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