Bus Tours to Washington DC

Bus Tours to Washington DC

Washington DC, the U.S. capital has a lot to offer whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning a long-awaited vacation. Numerous attractions of cultural, historical and political value reside here. How many you will see depends only on how long you can stay.

A Day in Washington DC

If you can only spare one, here’s a relatively small, seven-hour route that will take you to major tourist spots:

The United States Capitol → Smithsonian Institution → National Mall → Washington Monument → Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Tool → The White House → Thomas Jefferson Memorial

The United States Capitol, also known as the home of the U.S. Congress, is a magnificent piece of neoclassical architecture, opened in November of 1800. There are guided tours if you want to learn more about the history of the place, but the scenery is beautiful enough to explore on your own. The Smithsonian Institution is an organization of museums and research centers mainly located in Washington DC, with facilities in other states and affiliates in other countries. Some of the exhibitions are dedicated to different cultures of the world, others represent science and history. The whole institution is like a giant encyclopedia of knowledge, which also offers interactive education for children.

Further down the route, a walking distance from the Smithsonian, is National Mall, a 146-acre park that houses some of Washington’s most iconic monuments, such as the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, as well as commemorations to World War II and Vietnam veterans. This place is especially great if you like walking or you came here with family, as it has both sightseeing spots and relaxing walkways.

A visit to Washington will never be complete without taking a look at the White House. The official residence and office of the president is a piece of Neoclassical and Palladian architecture, built over 200 years ago following the inauguration of George Washington.

Close up your route with the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, dedicated to one of the most important figures in the U.S. history. The memorial imitates the style of Rome’s Pantheon and it is located on the bank of the Tidal Basin, an artificial reservoir for flushing water captured at high tide. Here you can relax after the long walk, buy a snack in one of the food trucks or cross the Washington Channel and find a nice cafe to end the day.

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